Alumni Homecoming: I Must Come

Question, what is this tradition of welcoming back alumni of a school? Lols, of course it’s Alumni Homecoming! And my high school alma mater will be hosting a grand alumni homecoming next week! 
This excites me a lot because I will be seeing my old buddies from secondary years. I have wanted to pull up an event like this but for certain reasons, things turn down so I am pretty sure that by next week, I’ll get to see my ex-school mates.

I should say that my high school years will never be that enjoying nor happy if these people whom I will be spending weekends soon were not present. Yes, anyone who had experience high school will state that high school indeed is the best part of our schooling days. (Insert Sharon Cuneta’s High school life song here) The first love and the all other firsts are here and of course no one will ever forget their JS Proms. I am glad we were able to experience two JS Proms during our years. I could never forget it because I had represented the alma mater that time.

Well this made me reminisced high school again but the main reason why I posted this is because I want to share what I made for the homecoming. I was assigned to make our class or batch’ t-shirt design as well as our tarpaulin. I was asked a day before they needed the design so I just reused our supposed to be t-shirt design for the previous gathering that I hosted but was never realized.
It is very simple since the pricing of the print will depend on the number of colors and my time editing this was very limited so I just made it this way.
I made another design for our tarpaulin, inspired by our school’s color theme way back our time, I made the background red with some shades of maroon and there’s gold as well.

I am looking forward to seeing my classmates and schoolmates from high school; I wonder how they look right now specially those who don’t have Facebook accounts yet.

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