How To Apply For Student Driver's Permit at Talisay City

Talisay LTO
Finally James and I found the time to apply for our student driver's licenses today. In Cebu, you have the option to either get your license in different Land Transportation Offices (LTO) may it be in downtown city or in the neighboring cities like Mandaue or Talisay. Though we are near the cebu city LTO, we opt to apply at Talisay instead since we had already anticipated the number of applicants in cebu city. Talisay is a 10 to 15 minute ride from Cebu though and has less traffic. The Talisay LTO office is located up behind Robinsons Tabunok.

Make sure to bring your NSO authenticated birth certificate and a photocopy of it as well. Other identification documents might be needed, I suggest you bring some Government issued IDs.

Here's how to apply for student permit:

1. Accomplish and submit ADL and supporting documents.
Approach the Public assistance and complaint desk (CSR), present your birth certificate and they will provide you the Application for driver's license form. Fill out the form and submit it back to the csr/evaluator together with required supporting documents ( E.i, photo copy of your birth certificate, government ID).

Reminder: print data legibly in capital letters.

Wait for your name to be called. A priority number will be given onced called by CSR and pass the documents to window 4.

Talisay LTO
2. Proceed to photo taking/ signature area to have your picture and signature taken when your name is called in window 3.

Photos are taken using a web camera and signature via a pen tablet.

3. Proceed at cashier window to pay for the student permit, application and computer fees. A total paid Php 318 in all.

4. Proceed to the releasing counter. Present official receipt and claim the student driver's permit.
Talisay LTO
It took us almost four hours to finally receive the student driver’s permit. According to the CSRs, we can apply for non-professional license after 32 days.

Now there's one thing I was not pleased about when I received the student permit, see that red plastic thing above labeled driver's license? The personnel at the releasing window asked for Php 30 so we can have it, the security guard even helped him with distributing the covers to the applicants. When I asked the guard why we need to pay for it, he defensively took the covers from my hand and exclaimed we have the option not to pay instead but stressed that this is useful to protect our permits. We purchased it in the end though but I was still hysterical about it. I am really thinking this one is included in the permit fee.

Talisay LTO
Suggestions box has coins inside, people might had thought this is a donation box. Epic fail!

They don’t have any noon break, it was good that the room is air-conditioned with tv. It would be best if you bring a book or anything that can entertain you while waiting. Too bad there isn’t any wall clock available inside the room.
Talisay LTO
Talisay City LTO from the outside, the plants are covering their head board.
Talisay LTO
CSRs wearing purple shirts, all eyes were on them.
How was your experience applying for a student driver's permit? If you haven't applied for one yet, please beware of fixers!

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