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In a video by a tourist titled 20 things I love about the Philippines, he first starred the bakeshops available in every street in the country; he even explained that the bread being sold is tasty and affordable at the same time, and I agree.

There are so many bakeshops available in the Philippines and there’s one that has been much known to most Filipinos. You can see them anywhere and most of us prefer to buy from them. I bet you had eaten Julie’s bread already and had even tasted their coffee too! I am just saying because I recently bought a pack of sliced bread from them and was surprised with the prices. Before I purchased one, I looked on the price list, there’s one for Php 38, then another for Php 40 and Php 42. I wondered if the packaging was the reason of their price difference. I soon realized that the said bakeshop has a program and the special sliced bread worth Php 42 tells it all. On the packaging, it says Bayan Sliced bread and reading on the label, it states:

“Sa Php 2 mo, Busog ang Bansa mo. Join the nationwide fight against hunger! For every Bayan Sliced bread you purchase, Php 2 will benefit Word Food Program (WFP)’s school feeding program in conflict-affected areas of Central Mindanao. Valid for all sales during campaign period Sept. 2011-Sept. 2012”
Gosh, this has been ongoing since 2011! But better late than never, I am still glad I was able to support the program and help WFP thru Julie’s Bayan Bread and I hope you can too!

More power Julie’s Bakeshop!

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