Bantayan's Sts. Peter and Paul Church

On our search for Bantayan's famous buwad or the dried fish, we had the chance to visit Bantayan's historical church, Sts. Peter and Paul Church or locally known as Bantayan Church. It is one of the first and oldest parish established in Cebu, built in the 15th century. The walls of the said church is built of coral stones and the roof is made of Tisa Clay before it broke and now is made of stainless steel instead. Some of us went inside and prayed too!

An old tricycle carried all the ten of us in front of the old church. It took us approximately 15 minutes to reach the heart of Bantayan municipality from Budyong beach. In front of the church is the town park where some statues are also situated. The park has two basketball courts and a small playground. We took some time to take photos of the area.

bantayan park
Beautiful trees
Sts. Peter and Paul Church
full view of the church, the other side is actually under construction
Our driver, kind Kuya Ronie, patiently waited for us as we negotiated that he will also take us back to Budyong beach resort. His vehicle was not the fastest tricycle but he made to drive us back to the beach on time since we were also trying to catch up the 11:30am trip back to Hagnaya.
bantayan island
Yeah this is kuya Ronie's ride
bantayan island
He was also kind enough to let us take a jump shot at a welcome board in Bantayan.

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