Unboxing Jessie

Received my new Palm Pre Plus last Saturday as a token from our client, HP-PALM. Thank you so much for this gift. I received three devices from Palm, a red Palm Centro which I received during my first year in the account, another Palm Centro, white this time during my second year and a Palm Pre Plus on my third year. It was a pleasure working for Palm.

Here's my unboxing experience with my new Palm Pre Plus on WebOs. 

Note: Photo overload!
unboxing palm pre plus

unboxing palm pre plus
Plastic box cover removed.
unboxing palm pre plus
Top cover removed, lying is the Palm Pre Plus :)
unboxing palm pre plus
With some useful pamphlets, quickstart help guides, support number and more!
unboxing palm pre plus
The accessories were placed on the bottom part of the box.
unboxing palm pre plus
A closer look.
unboxing palm pre plus
Palm labeled AC Charger and a 5 feet universal USB cable
unboxing palm pre plus
A leather pouch for safety purposes.
unboxing palm pre plus
A headset!
unboxing palm pre plus
The complete set :)
That was the complete set, but there's more...
unboxing palm pre plus
A Palm Touchstone
Manager gave the touchstones as an incentive to those who got the highest number of perfect 10 customer satisfaction score returns.

A touchstone is a dock which you can place the phone in place while charging the device at the same time.

palm pre plus
The final complete set.

I am a happy camper!

I named her Jessie, my support phone name during my stay with Palm.

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