How to get to Bantayan Island

Since my colleagues and the rest of the team went to Bantayan two weeks ago, I want to share how to get to the island from Cebu City proper. This might be helpful to those who are planning their summer get away this month or the next one. 

To North Bus Terminal.
From downtown Cebu, one can take a jeep with route code O1K to North Bus Terminal or take a taxi for your convenience. Jeep fare costs you Php 8 per person while a metered taxi will get you over the terminal at approximately Php 70-90 but in a shorter time. 

To Hagnaya Port.
From North Bus Terminal, one can take any bus which will get you to Hagnaya port in approximately three hours. For bus schedules, there are two bus lines that have routes to Hagnaya, the trip starts at two in the early morning with an interval of 20 minutes. There are no air conditioned buses in the early morning schedule, last trip at two in the afternoon.

Take note that schedules for buses may vary; they don't really follow an exact time of departure and may roll out early or later so better set a leeway for your travel time. Also remember that these buses are the same means of transportation if you go back to Cebu from Hagnaya.

To Sta. Fe Port.
Ferry boats are available, travel time is 45 minutes to an hour. Rate is at Php 150-170; if you go in group it is better to buy roundtrip tickets because the shipping lines will for sure give you discounts just like with our experience.

Check the schedules from the link below.

To resort.
If you had reserved a room at your respective resorts, I believe a service vehicle will pick you up from the port depending on the resort. Otherwise you will hire a tricycle to take you to your chosen resorts. Tricycles, motorcycles and bicycles are the most common transportation means in Bantayan island.

Below are contact numbers of some known beach resorts in the island:

Ogtong Cave Resort:

Beach Placid Resort

Santa Fe Beach Club:
63-032-438-9090 Fax
63-032-438-9091 Landline
63-032-438-9107 Landline

St. Bernard's Resort
63-917-963-6162 Mobile Numbe

Tickety-Boo Resort
63-920-749-0743 Landline

Tristan's Resort
63-032-438-9041 Landline

(6332) 438-5700 

Sugar Beach Resort

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