Farewell Palm Centro, Hello Pre Plus

palm centro

For more than two years, I had felt secured and contented with the using a Smartphone from Palm, the red Centro. I received it as an incentive prize and from then on, I had never used any other phone. I received another Centro, a white one a year ago for another incentive program, I gave it to my father. Today, I will bid good bye to my buddy, I never really named her but today, I want to call her buddy because she has been the phone I never ever left behind, I bring her with me at home, in the office and where ever I go. However, change is the only constant thing in this world. Last Saturday, I received my first webos device, a Palm Pre Plus as a token from our client, HP-Palm. The support for these Palm devices had gone after eight long years; I spent two years, ten months and twenty days helping our customers resolve their issues with the webos devices. It was indeed a pleasure to serve them and to be working with my colleagues whom I became friends as well; we will be seeing each others around. And so, Buddy will need to bid goodbye to me, soon the parents will be using the same phone models!

And before I switch to my new phone, I would like to sight six points which made me love my Red Centro Smartphone.

palm pre plus
1. Smartphone - of course, because it is a Smartphone, there are things that it can automatically do like setting an event alarm for a birthday after you add a birth date on my contacts.

2. QWERTY keypad - I am not a touch screen fan that is why even if it is a touch screen phone, I rarely use it when sending a message, would rather use the keyboard. And I will never buy neither use a touch screen only phone.

3. Long Battery Life - definitely the best phone for me when we talk about battery life. When used normally, it can last for three to four days and if just on standby, it would last for a week! Pretty awesome right?

4. Threaded Messaging - made messaging enjoyable! Messages where easy to find and I can purge old text messages too fast and convenient.

5. Synchronization To Palm Desktop Software - my contacts are on the computer too with just a click away through PDS. Later on, once I setup my new Pre Plus, I can just export and import the contacts from the local hard drive to the cloud servers pretty neat and then add my Google account on the Pre Plus, viola! My contacts will get to my new phone.

6. Documents - when I travel I usually write a draft about the trip for blogging purposes and the doc app which gives me the ability to create word, excel, PowerPoint and text documents was a plus point. It is very convenient since I can just Bluetooth the document to my computer.

Those were just the top things I love about my buddy. This day on, I will be using Jessie, my new Palm Pre Plus. She has a QWERTY keypad too and I am familiar with her as well as the future troubleshooting for I had been supporting this phone for three years. I just hope Jessie can stay with me far more than the years Buddy had been with me.

Check my experience taking out Jessie from her box. Click here!

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