Ruvi Cave Resort : A Cave With A Pool

ruvi cave resort minglanilla cebu

One of the reasons why it's good to go out and spend your weekends at the beach or the pool is because of the heat brought by summer, this season is not about staying at home.. For most Filipinos, summer is never complete without going to one of the thousand resorts in the country and getting our skin tanned or worse sun burned. I had my first get away for this year's summer in Bantayan Island. And the second was just last weekend at Ruvi Cave Resort. Of course, the team was also present! My colleagues and friends went there too!

Ruvi Cave Resort is a 15-20 minute drive from Cebu City located in Tungkop, Minglanilla.

Here's how to get there...

From Cebu City you can get to Minglanilla proper with any of the following:

  • KMK bus for Php 25
  • Jeepney route code 10H or 10F going to Pardo then from Pardo to Minglanilla with route code 43. You can easily find the route codes on the front, generally on the roof side and behind part of the vehicle. Current minimum jeepney fare is Php 8.
  • Mini bus from South Bus Terminal for Php 11-15.

From Minglanilla, you can get to the resort via Habal-habal. These are simply motorcycles for hire and the drivers know the road to Ruvi Cave, just tell them where you are heading and they'll surely get you there in no time. It would be a convenience if you go there with your own vehicle!
Front View
Ruvi Cave Resort Review: 

On Staff: 
The lady receptionist in the front desk was not accommodating at all, she had this annoyed-face when she talked to us about the fees and has strict bossy tone when reminding us about the do's and don’ts.

Just like the front desk officer, the life guard also wore a sad face the entire time. I really don't know if that was due to the heat or something but I never saw him smile. He does the pool cleaning too, even reminded us about their "no diving policy" with again a frown face.

- has wifi area
- two life guards observing the vicinity
- available kiddie pool
- megaphones for important announcement
- observed proper swimming attires
- artistic design
ruvi cave resort minglanilla cebu
Life Guard
- small cottages with only 4 plastic stools provided
- narrow pathways
- unfriendly staff
- no diving policy
- imposed corkage fees
- short slide for the kids only
- paths has tend to become slippery

Entrance fee is Php 100 per head, children five and below is free of charge. Cave styled cottage rates starts from Php 200 to 300, just be aware that these cottages are really small with just limited chairs. Pool is 4ft to 8ft deep and as mentioned above, they have a short slide too. They also have a 4 (four) air-con family rooms that is good for 6 (six) persons and Function Hall with 150 persons in capacity. Business hours starts at six in the morning until 12mn.
ruvi cave resort minglanilla cebu
Too narrow pathways...
In my opinion, the place is good for families with children however because the area doesn't have the luxury of space, there's a great tendency that it would become overpopulated and the pool tends to have some garbage on it. In fairness to the staff, they were also quick in taking those plastics out from the pool. We saw a couple of kids slipped while walking in the slippery paths too that was very dangerous.

More photos here:
ruvi cave resort minglanilla cebu
Kiddie Pool
ruvi cave resort minglanilla cebu
The resort's function hall which can accommodate up to 150 heads. 
ruvi cave resort minglanilla cebu
very short slide just for kids but for adults too
ruvi cave resort minglanilla cebu
Comfort rooms available for her and him and other views.
It would be good if the management would consider minimizing the number of guests inside their resort so to give the guests a much more cleaner, safer and more relaxing place to be. And the most important thing is to train their staff to be more polite and to learn more about making their guests feel like appreciated and welcome at their resort.

After the experience, I realized that there's one important thing that I missed doing before we agreed to go there and that is, online review research. I won't forget doing that from now on.

Ruvi Cave Resort
Landline numbers: 490-3321/ 516-4596/ 511-077

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3 Comments to “Ruvi Cave Resort : A Cave With A Pool”

  • how much is your room(2 people) and your entrance fee?

  • @gangnako: Entrance fee is Php 100 per head, children five and below is free of charge. Cave styled cottage rates starts from Php 200 to 300

  • One of the worst Resort ever, I have never been treated this way before.
    1st. Totally unfriendly managment.
    2nd. Room is not clean when check-in (dirt, shampoo left from previous customer etc...)
    3rd. No towels ; no tissue ; no soap when arriving in the room.
    4th. Regular check out time 12pm, and we had to argue with them to actually check out at that time because they were requesting to check out 8am.
    5th. You have to pay to use the swimming pool during the day after checking out the room.
    6th. No food at all, just chips and ice creams
    7th. Only 3 channels working on the TV
    8th. Someone from the staff says 100php per hour to extend the room and then someone else tells you 175php.

    I have been to many resorts across the Philippines and this one has been the worst of all!! Totally disatisfied, I would really suggest not to go there!

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