Halo Halo Fever

When it is summer and the heat is up to the fullest, all everyone want to get into our tastebuds are those ice cold drinks, punch, shakes, softdrinks and etc. In the Philippines, there's this dessert which had been the hit when this season comes. James and I, both of us are fans of this ice treat and so here it is:
ice castle halo halo
Oh yeah baby, this is what we call as Halo-halo, mix in english and this dessert is a mixture of shaved ice and some milk added with a variety of some fruits and other desserts like icecream and lecheflan too. 

So the first halo-halo James and I ate this summer is from Le Petit Bonheur of Sta. Fe Bantayan when we visited the island for a team building. We stayed in Budyong beach and is just near those food houses. Second was in Mang Inasal in Shopwise Basak Branch, they offer a simple halo halo dessert with a wafer stick on it. The wafer stick was really good and their mix as well at the same time but there were only a few ingredients on it though. 

halo halo
Mang Inasal Halo Halo for Php 39
Last Monday we had our third session with Cebu's best halo-halo icecream house, Ice Castle. I believe I had already shared about it one time and I believe Ice Castle has the best halo halo I had tasted so far, as per their tag line - simply the finest halo-halo.
ice castle halo halo
Ice Castle's Super Halo Halo good for Php 89
Aside from the super halo-halo, super because it has two ice creams on it we also ordered this sweetheart, Oreo Chocolate Fudge Split. This is really good and tasty because of the four ice cream scoops on top of the banana split, aside from it there are also chocolate fudge on top of the ice creams.
Oreo Chocolate Fudge Split for Php 125
ice castle halo halo
Simply the finest halo halo.

I am looking forward for more Halo halo sessions with James or maybe with some friends too! 

So how is the start of your summer?

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