Bohol Homecoming and Manong Jun's Wedding

"I'm coming home, to the place where I belong" - I was having this LSS or last song syndrome last Friday, August 20, 2010 because I was really going home to Bohol after three months. James and I rode on the 9 pm JnN ferry trip to Bohol. Before we went home, we just had a great pizza and hamburger time with my colleagues credits to Daryl Gapor for the food, it was his pre-birthday celebration. Click here to read the whole article.

JnN ferry arrived in Ubay Port at exactly 2:00am; it was a five hour trip actually. We get off the ferry at 2:30am and we rode a tricycle to the terminal, from the terminal, we rode the Saint Jude Bus to my home town, Guindulman arriving at 4:00am. Papa and mama fetched us from the point where we got off the bus.

A photo I took inside the JnN ferry Class A. There are five classes, respectively: Class A= Php 250, Class B and C = Php 230, Business Class = Php 280 and Tourist Class = Php 290.
In here is James, he was making a funface, we are at the upper deck. We did not sleep right away until the engine started. We arrived at the port 30 minutes earlier than before.

We took a few hours of sleep then and we took some ride on our Honda 125 motorcycle and looked at some places. I showed James the Basdio Beach, a few kilometers away from our place. We took the other path going to the sea shore, I shared to him that the place was already featured in Rated K because of the old wood coffins used by our ancestors before. 

Here are some of our photos going to the shore.
This part here where I was squatting is the initial path, or shall I say the gate part. It seemed that one can't see the path anymore because it sloped to the next path.
James making his bang pose at the middle part of the path, it was kinda scary though. But we managed to get through. The place was full of trees and rocks all over.

This is the last part of the path, it was like an abandoned place, the fallen leaves were all over the place and the road has grown weeds on it so it seemed that no one has stepped on it for a long time.
We reached the shore part then after a few walks, the place was nice but this picture was taken using my Palm Centro which doesn't give very good results. :(
FYI the end part is a resort bought by a German citizen. There are many foreigners here who go scuba diving every day.

He even went nearer the shore and said there were lots of sea creatures there like blue starfishes, small school of fishes as well and a lot more.

Notice the rock? Those have holes which are results of the waves, due to the impact; the holes were created which are really spiny. If you’re not careful sure thing, you’ll going to bleed with this kind of rock. In this photo, James is about to climb to see the old wood coffins.

Going back home... He had just seen the old wood coffins and was amazed by it. Unfortunately, I was not able to take some photos of them because the cave was too dark and my phone doesn't have a built in flash on it.
One of the reasons why we went home was because of my cousin’s wedding. Manong Junior or Jun was getting married the next day, which is August 22, 2010 with Ate Pamela at Dauis’ Church. So early morning the next day, we went to Tagbilaran, FYI, Dauis is an Island connected via bridge to Tagbilaran City. If you are familiar with Panglao, then you know Dauis as well because the island has a lot of white sand beaches and resorts in it where foreigners always visit.
The wedding started at 10:00am sharp, I met my relatives there many of them were my cousins from Alicia, Bohol and from Cebu. While the ceremony was pushing through, there were a lot of negative things that James and I had noticed, but we had just get it off of our mind and focused on the event. The ceremony has ended with the picture taking part; we went straight to Villa Alzhun for the reception. We were kinda unlucky that time because we arrived at the place late so we waited for the waiters to serve our food while others were already eating.
Some of the photos during the wedding:
They are my cousins’ sons and daughters from Alicia, they are gown ups now. From left to right: Jo Ed, Mitchi Ruth, John Ed and Vanessa Faye.
Baby Aiesha had her own gown during the wedding even if she was not part of the entourage. This baby is just amazing because if there is a camera in front of her, she looks at it and most of the time, she smiles when the camera is on.
Most of the photos here were taken at Dauis Church after the ceremony. We had our photo both like with Baby Aiesha. She was like celebrity that time. Hehehe :)

After the church wedding ceremony, we went to Island City Mall to buy something for our Baby Aiesha, my older brother’s baby girl. It seemed that my niece had great time while she was at the mall because she was smiling and shouting all those times. She is still six months old but she has a lot of energy, she never slept when she was there, she was looking around and staring all those that catch her attention.
It  was almost seven when we decided to go home, papa and the rest went  back to Guindulman but James and I were on our way to Tagbilaran port to buy tickets going back to Cebu. It was our lucky day it seemed because we didn’t need to fall in line, there were only a few ones there when we arrived. At 10:00pm, TransAsia moved its way to Cebu and we arrived here at 3:00am. We did not get off right away because it was still dark; we waited until 5:30am. It was such a beautiful experience and a hectic one but at the end of the day, we had learned many things, one is that there is no such thing as “Perfect Wedding”.

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