Wish I may, wish I might

I have wanted to do stuffs but had been very busy to take time and do those. Sometimes when boredom comes, I tend to start doing it but I usually end up unfinished or most of the time, I get tired before I could start at all. Lol. But I just wished I know how to discipline myself, grr. So now, I want to make this as a goal or a reaching star so that feeling of doing it becomes refreshing and inspiring to me.

First in the list, I wish to learn and get used to using the pen tool in Photoshop. I have been using photoshop for my Digital Scrapbooks like the Sticker Set but see how those vector images look like? How I wish I can create one, maybe two or let's make it three. Ughh. I haven't even created even a single leaf image. I usually read online tutorials about it but I usually stop in the middle of the lesson because I get tired. I get discouraged of how tough it is for me and how easy it is for them to make them. I am looking for that one trick or technique how they were able to use it with grace but with my end, it seemed like hell. Maybe there is no trick at all, just practice which I lack of.

Hopefully I can create an object out of the pen tool at the end of the month. Or at least able to create a path and then make it as a custom shape, any of them will satisfy me. I'll just make the first one my goal, since I believe in the saying "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars", isn't it inspiring?

photo from accountinghead.com
Secondly, I wish I can start with my emergency fund, yes, EMERGENCY FUND. I certainly need it; well at least everyone needs it. I have been working for a year and two months but I still have zero emergency fund balance. Every month, or shall I say every pay day, first thing that comes up on my mind is the EF thingy but after a day, I have an amount left on my savings account just enough for my consumption only, that means, I need to budget that certain amount so I can survive until the next payday, *sigh. That usually is the trend.

So this time, I wish I can be possessed of a thrifty soul or somebody who spends less. Either of the two will be welcome, just kidding here. But I just wish I could be as thrifty, just like how others do.

Third, wish I could go back to college. Not literally but I wish I could have been more serious about my studies before. Just these past few days when I was modifying and editing my blog lay out, I had a lot of problems with the template and it can only be corrected with some CSS codes. Oh yeah CSS, as in cascading style sheets and only some can do that, well there are many actually since we are on the web generation now, at least people who are into web programming just like my boyfriend can relate to it. Unfortunately, I never learned how to code them, I know some, yes but that was HTML, oh sorry, HTML is super elementary. An IT can’t graduate without learning HTML, right? You guys should agree with me. But css coding and other javascripts were not discussed when I was in our lecture rooms or laboratories. Oh sorry, I guess our CIT faculty had opened it up but maybe I was sleeping or busy surfing that time, my bad though and that is the main reason why I wish I could go back to that time.

But, time is still young, I am still young so I wish to learn those and cope up with the missed stuffs. Good thing I have James who is already a Senior Web Programmer now, Kodus and congratulations for the promotion. Every time I have problems with my site, he can always solve it with just a couple of tracing and copy and pasting, urgh! Wishful I could do that my own.

Wew, I guess this will be my last wish for today's post, hehe. I wish to minimize signing in to Facebook. Ahem, this might be tough though but I am already violating my company’s rules because of this addiction. Noticed the red box on the top left hand corner of the photo. Even if I already know that our client is monitoring us via remote desktop connection, I still can’t help it and still open up my browser and starts signing in. My mind just can’t stop thinking about fb. Though we have a mobile device that can open up facebook, I don’t like it. I like to view it on an actual monitor, a big visual screen and not a 3 inch mobile screen and which also updates the status late, *urgh. If I won’t stop this, I won’t be surprised if I would receive an incident report or worst-case scenario, a Show Cause Memo. Ouch! I don’t want that to happen.

So there yah go Jean, do your best to make up to all of these wishes. Good luck and God bless!


These are all wishes after all.
They may or may not come true but hopes for the latter one. :)

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