Boracay Keepsakes

Our team mate just came home from Boracay and he had brought us a couple of stuffs. I was never been to Bora actually, I am longing to get there but there was never been a chance yet, hopefully I can get there in the future. Our teammate, Voltaire Songcuya, or he prefers to be called Volts, has a resto bar in Bora, I mean his family has and he stayed there for a long time, he originally is from Iloilo but they have their business in Bora so he stayed there. He migrated to Cebu for some reasons, and those reasons I actually don't know but it is a good thing that he is here because we were able to taste the delicacies of Boracay and their own restobar.
First and foremost, I got this artistic keychain. 

It is made of coconut shells and that it was shaped like in a slipper. It has a flower in the middle and has a print in the bottom which is "Boracay Phil." I placed it on my ID strap to make it as an accessory. :) Thanks volts.

Second, he brought this two delicacies from Bora which are really mouth watering. The delicacy was named Baye-baye, it is a white soft circular thing. It is really sweet and that I believe it was made of grated young coconut and some milk on it. I tried to search on what it is made of and found this, it's ingredients are pinipig, coconut water, sugar and grated butong (young coconut). That was really cheap. I mean the ingredients can be found when you look around, hey I can cook one like this but I am not sure if I can get the exact taste. lol But sure thing, this is really tasty. If you're looking for pasalubongs, make sure to buy this, cheap and tasty. Wew...

The other one is called Bandi, this is made of peanuts which are made into brittle and has been caramelized and sugar coated, the main reason why it has dark brown color. I don't know the prize for this but I believe this one is not that expensive also since this is only made of peanuts and sugar. I got a pack here with me today and I will make sure to eat them all when I get home from the office. haha.

The free food did not end up with those two delicacies because when lunch came up, Volts then gave us their own restobar's delicacy which is the native chicken adobo. Who would resist the taste of a native chicken anyway? So the food just disappear after a few minutes, it was like magic, well it was not magic after all, it was just our hungry stomaches. hehe Unfortunately, I was not able to get a picture of the adobo because it disappeared before I could take one, guess it would be gross if I will be posting here something which was already consumed by the mouth, lol.

Anyway, a billion thanks to you Volts for the free food and the keychain, it was a great day except for the bad news about the team but we will still be seeing each other in the floor, but thanks again and sa uulitin!!!

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