My First Sticker Set

Hi there, do you like the above picture? You can design a page like that as well with the help of my sticker set, my very first sticker collection. I had made sticker-flowers, memos, bookmarks, clippings ang a lot more. I had created this last weekend, I was kinda inspired that time though, haha. 

If you are wondering what was the event on the picture, I am generous enough to tell where was that taken. The photos are already three weeks old actually. It was taken at Sugbu, SRP Cebu during the Sykes Party 2010 entitled "Together Sykes". That day, my company had launched it's new branding which is "Support in more ways than one." This was my first time actually since last year, I was still new there and that I don't have someone to go with. Now, my colleagues had decided to go also so did I. In the first photo, starting from the left is Daryl Gapor, Jon Cito Morales,  Voltaire Songcuya, Michelle Sabio and yours truly. The next photo, I had with me our team lead, Michelle Sabio. Thanks to TL Marvin for the pictures!

I created this page for only 10 minutes so I know you can also create something like this or more attractive than this. I used a dark background here so the items on the page will be highlighted. I also used some bookmarks and the picture backgrounds are the memos. You can also add some texts just like how I added a tag about the event and where it was held.

If this is your first time to create a digital scrapbook also, I suggest you use Adobe Photoshop. I am not familiar with other tools though but I love Photoshop, I guess it is the most popular photo editing tool I have ever known. Well, that is only my opinion anyone can correct me if I am wrong.

Well, moving on, if you would like to have the zip file of my first sticker collection, feel free to click the link here just don't forget to leave a message below, I would really appreciate that. Thanks guys...kisses***

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