I *heart* Surprises

I can still feel the rush of my blood going up to the tip of my ears while sitting and staring at the 2k worth of gift certificates.

I was working on my blog in my station when my colleague pulled me and said that I was called by our Manager to receive an award. I thought it was just a joke or something because I was not listening to the Awarding Ceremony. 

I hesitated to walk towards them until my former team lead pointed me and signaled me to move towards the awarding personnel. I then walked faster to our Account Manager, Training Team Manager and some other managers. They then presented and gave me the 1k Premium Pass for Sodexo accredited merchants. I was kinda disappointed at first because what was on my mind was a bill with Ninoy's face on it, but later on, I realized, it is actually the same. I then thanked the managers and turned my back, started walking towards my station. But before I could go any further, my name was again called. This is a major major surprise! I received another 1k worth of gift certificate... Weeeh! I love this day, I felt like I was the luckiest person. Lol. Anyway, a huge drum was beating so fast inside me while handing the second certificate.  The first thing that came to my mind that time was "Grocery." Well, I love to grocery actually, I love to see the cart full. And 2k worth of groceries is too much for me, every payday I only set aside Php 500 for my groceries and now, I can get any food that I like. Evil Grin, Drool...

Aside from the award that I received, our former team also won the first place for the Team Stack Ranking and the Top CSAT Performer which has corresponding amounts: Php 3,500 and Php 5,000 respectively. We are planning to conquer and face our fears with that amount of money by going to Club Ultima and go on sky riding. Isn't it exciting plus the diamond peel/body massage/foot spa selection per person, whoah! More grinning!!!

And oh! I almost forgot about the movie tickets that I received today as well. I got six of them, so that counts them as part of the awards...

Here I am with the certificates...Am I that happy, no...I am definitely happy...hehe

Before I could end this post, I would like to share this quote from google mail which I can also relate to the incident at the Quirino Grandstand last Monday.
"We are here to add what we can to life, not to get what we can from life."

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