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I spent my weekend at the province, since my boyfriend invited me to go there because it was their “barangay’s fiesta” and he was also in a vacation leave. Aside from the Fiesta celebration, they also had another event to celebrate with, it was their lolo's "Tapos", and it’s on this event where in their family and relatives get together to commemorate the first year anniversary of their lost grandfather. This is a native culture for us Filipinos, actually. In Bohol, what I could remember if they talk about "Tapos" is that the family who observes this will prepare food and packed it either in a plastic or something else. The packed meal contains a cup of cooked rice and some viands too. "Bihon" is the most common viand, which I mostly see inside those packed meals. But anyway, in Oslob they don't pack the meal in a plastic and give it to the people in the neighborhood. They just put everything in one table and let everyone get the food from there. This shows an act of hospitalism for me, anyone can get each plate and start picking his own meal.

What I noticed with James Family's event was that there were no outsiders during the celebration. All of them were merely relatives, some were from far places, and I also came to meet his aunt from Manila and his uncle from abroad who's a seaman.

I had taken some pictures during the preparation of the event; unfortunately I was not able to take photos during the actual event. 

He is a family friend and a neighbor, I was surprised by how he cooked, and he was using a coconut branch here so to reach the pan without getting so much heat. He was cooking the ingredient for “Dinuguan” or Vampire’s Stew.


In the above photo, they are cooking “Ginamay,” the dish is really tasty. The dominating ingredients are pork and tomatoes. The boy in the photo is Badi, James’ first-degree cousin and the guy who is half naked is James’ mom’s first-degree cousin as well.

I am becoming hungry now by looking this.

This is James’ tita’s husband; he was surprised when I took him a picture so he is smiling here. He is cooking “chicharon” here, this is a simple dish but mind you, this is very tasty. The pork meat is just placed on the pan and he will wait for the meat to become reddish. This is also a way for them to get pork oil. This really has lot cholesterol in it. Hehehe so be careful when you eat this, make sure you have medicines with you.
They would place the cooked ones in a bucket with holes so to rinse the oil.

Some of the viands were already cooked when I woke up so I missed the cooking session, but here are some of them.

And my all time “paborito”…

We also had “videoke” sessions after eating lunch up to “sawa.” James’ family enjoyed the whole day and made sure everyone had sung to the top of their lungs before the day ended.

We went back to the city seven in the morning the next day. I regret that I was not able to take photos of the remodeled park at the back of their church. But no worries, I will make sure to take photos the next time I will visit the place, soon. 

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