A Day Full of Major Major First Time

What:  Sky Day Tour (Team Socials)
When:  Friday - August 27, 2010
Where: Crown Regency Hotels and Towers
This was the final agreement of my former team after receiving the CSAT incentives for July in which we ranked the top team. We have agreed to take the Sky Day Tour 888 promo, it consists of a lunch buffet at the Wang Shan Lo, one admission to 4D experience Theater Show, one Prana Medisa Treat (a selection to a body massage/foot massage/diamond peel) and one ride pass @ Sky Experience Adventure (selection of a sky walk or one edge coaster ride) in the country's tallest hotel tower, Crown Regency and Towers in Fuente Osmena, Cebu City. The Sky Day Tour Promo starts from 10:00am to 6:00pm so we went there at 11:00am. And that starts the day, a special day full of first times for me and some of my colleagues.

First step to the country's tallest hotel - Yes it was my first time to enter the said hotel, I was in college when it was constructed and that I had never imagined myself to go in to that hotel, maybe because of the thought that it was expensive and that the people who gets in there are those that are more fortunate or shall I say "rich". But anyhow, I was able to get there and that marks the first time. Inside in the lobby, I could sense the luxury of the hotel, here are some of the photos I took using my Sony Erickson C902:
A carriage was placed on the lobby area, I wanna take a ride on it but it seemed old, it might break.
Me @ the lobby
Like this photos from the past on their railings, it reminds me of how our heroes fought for our country.
We then went to the second tower's 19th floor to get our tickets for the Sky Day Tour. I took some photos of the view when we were there, from that point, I can almost see the whole Cebu city, the SRP road is really a nice view and the sea line was a wonderful spot. Here are some of the photos:
Welcome Wall at the 19th floor and these are some of the paintings which caught my attention, simple yet complicated.
A view from the glass window of the 19th floor. I was astonished since this is my first time to see the whole city from a near top view.
Another view from the 19th floor. SRP road is almost visible, I can see Sugbu where Sykes Party was held.
The lunch buffet was the first stop; we started eating almost 12 noon. The food tables were full of different viands, from sea foods to veggies up to the variety of meat. It was my first time to eat the "Century Egg", they told me that those were eggs preserved and stored for many many years, its looks seem to be disgusting but it was tasty. I took some Kim chi, that is the food which are mostly eaten by my favorite Korean movie artists. I was really curious about its taste, after taking some, I told myself to be aware of Kim chi, sorry to my favorite Korean artist, but your Kim chi is really spicy and hot, my mouth can't take it, good thing I only took some, whoa! For the desert, there were variety of fruits, leche flan, some sweets, there were puto cochinta and white puto as well, yema was also present and maja. There were siopaos and siomais and other Japanese foods. Here is my first plate:

First to use chopsticks, yes! After 22 years of existence, I finally got the courage to break a chopstick and use it with my bare hands. I found it really difficult but I managed to take some fruits using it. Hehehe. That was such a good experience. We took some pair of chopsticks home too, lol. 

Wahaha.. this is me, trying hard to eat using a pair of chopsticks, thanks Tanya for taking the photos.
Maddy here, trying to work with her own set of chopsticks, she is Charmaine's little girl. One thing I couldn't forget about her is her "Vertical Train" each time we ride on the elevator, she shouts vertical train.
A view from above, I felt like I was about to fall when I looked down and saw the vehicles below, whoa!
After lunch, we went straight to next stop which was the 4D experience. Yeah! I had seen movies in 3D like the Avatar, so I had more to expect about the 4D movie. Unfortunately, the available movies were all animated cartoons but it was fun. It was our first time; I mean all of us have never seen 4D movies before. Once the movie had started, we were all shouting up until the end, try to imagine, if there are bumps or impact in the movie, our seats would as well fall, it made us scream every time it does that, it will also shake like at the earthquake scene. There were animals in the movie and it felt like it was really true, there was an elephant, and the it threw water to the leading man, we didn't expect it but we were sprinkled by water as well, when a tiger was about to bite him, there was a wind hush as well. So overall, 3D and 4D are totally different I may say because, in 4D movie, it makes us feel like we are in the movie as well instead of just watching it.

We can't take pictures inside because it was dark, but someone from the hotel took a picture of us inside and for us to get the copy, we need to buy it for Php 230.00, tsk tsk, too costly.
Next stop: Body Massage, whew...this is a major first time. I have never been to any spa or something because first, I never had the courage to let someone touch my body or so, second I don't have someone to be with before and third, it is costly. But thanks to our account's incentive program and now, I finally had my first body massage. Four of the girls decided to choose the body massage, so we went inside, we were given keys for our lockers, mine was:

After changing, we went inside a cool room with I guess, more than 10 beds on it. The lady asked us to lie facing down the bed, it has a hole so there was no problem about breathing, she also asked me to take off the cloth I was wearing (I only had my lower undies then), ha-ha. The lady started pressing on my body, that time there was a bed sheet covering me, so I thought it was safe but then she took it off down to my butt, she even pulled down my undies, whoa!!! I could almost shout, but I held it since the room was totally quite and I can only hear music. She continued and the rest was history, she had seen my whole body that time including the upper one, wahahaha! Such a major experience, I could not look her in the eye after the session. When we were in the comfort room, we were all laughing about the experience but it was worth it, so refreshing and relaxing.

Tanya was laughing here because of the things that we talked about the body massage, most of us were first timers.
Last and final stop: Sky Walk. It was past 5:00pm when the body massage ended, since the Sky Day tour would end at 6:00pm, we hurriedly went to the 38th floor for the Sky Walk, actually we were arguing what to take, we need to only select one, either the Sky Walk or the Edge Coaster Ride. We then agreed to take the Sky Walk because the Edge Coaster Ride is only a 4 minute ride.

So we registered at the counter, we saw many photos from those who had taken their walks as well, like the world's famous boxer, Manny Pacquiao, Senator Kiko Pangilinan, ABS-CBN Trip na Trip hosts, my ever crush: Mark Nelson and a lot more. As part of their rules, only eight persons can walk at a time excluding the guide and the photographer. Since we were twelve, we were divided to two batches; I was part of the second batch together with Mommy Dy, Tita, Charmaine, Reggy and Janet. It was an unforgettable experience to be there, felt like I was at the top of the world. We started walking almost 7 in the evening so it was already dark; the view was so nice because of the Cebu City's lights. There was an orientation and we were obliged to wear a suit and shoes. We had photos during the walk and we were taught how to do a one foot stand on the edge of the flat form and the ever heart trembling look down from the edge. When I looked down, it was like gravity was pulling me down but there were no worries because a harness was attached to our suit for protection in case we fall down, I was confident about it so I was not afraid. At the end of the walk, a certificate has been given to us to prove that we have survived the sky walk extreme. Here is mine:
This is just the cover, this is given for free if you have finished either the Sky Walk or the Edge Coaster Ride.

It was already dark when we went home, it was such an unforgettable day for all of us, we have eaten great and plenty foods, had our 4D experience, took a body massage, conquered our fear of heights and survived the Sky walk extreme. 

Within the year, Crown Regency Hotels & Towers will open their "ZIP LINE" from the top of the second tower to the third tower and their "FREE FALL" as well.

More photos:
Our tickets, the first one was the whole ticker, it was like a piece of paper and once we enter a specific stop, like the 4D experience, they cut the part of the paper and exchange it with a pass, like those that has logos on it.
I am really amazed every time I see a miniature building. I found it very hard to make, I remembered way back in college when we had a miniature project, we asked for an architecture student to do it for us because we can't even make a roof.
A souvenir machine. It needs three pieces of five peso coins and a token. The trick was, the token which was placed in there was flattened and marked with the design that I chose.
See the signage? The top one was in the same spot with Edge Coaster Ride, you can't see anything unless you drop a ten peso coin.
 Maddy and I at the Sky walk extreme logo. She followed my position here when I told her to do so, super cute!


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