My first Line Art

On my last post entitled: Wish I may, Wish I might, I had wished that I may be able to use the pen tool and create digital photos, so I started working and researching about it.

Super happy today because I had created my first line art through Adobe Photoshop CS4.  This is the result of my research and hardwork, tadaaa!

This is not a finish product though but I am proud that I was able to create one. I used two tools here, pen and brush tools. I am thankful with this site that I bumped into while doing the research, it was a site of Melissa Clifton and she had posts starting with the basic up until the finish product. What I did here is actually on the second stage of the tutorial, after this, I should be able to create a halftone image. However, since I am too excited to show you my creation, I did not wait til I get the final product. I thought it will be better if you guys can also see the progress of my work. So starting with the line art first since this is the basics. I never thought that this is too easy until I read Melissa's tutorial, minus the experiment part. Well, there are instances that you don't have to follow the steps given in the tutorial, we need to really experiment on our own.

So, there you go, I will soon be posting here my creations and the improvements to be in the future. Hope you can also give me tips on how to improve my work, if you could.


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