Daryl's Pre Birthday Celeb

Daryl Gapor Lim had sent you a message:

"Its mah birthday..kaon lang ta pizza..mao ray ma afford.
just be there..kung mag dala mo og visitor bayad jud mo..hahaha...

"It's my birthday, let's just eat pizza, that's all that I can afford, just be there, if you will bring a visitor, you must pay, hehehe" 

It was an invitation for Daryl’s pre-birthday celebration, his birth date is on August 22 but he decided to make a pre-celebration together with his friends and colleagues then spend the actual birthday with his family. It was me, Voltaire, Tanya and Loreto who went there together. Since we were not yet familiar with the place, we agreed to meet at Robinsons-Fuente.  So that was it, we went to Mama Maria’s Pizzeria located in Gorordo, near Datamex IT school. You can ride a 04C PUJ if you are from Robinsons-Fuente or you can ride on 13C if you are from Ayala.

When we arrived at the place, Daryl and his two college friends were already there. The place was big enough for a normal pizzeria. While we were waiting for the others to come, we chatted with each other and we had took photos of the place as well.

Here are some of the photos:
 Daryl and Loreto at Mama Maria’s Pizzeria, with their peace signs.

The ceiling and the wall part... 

At 6:30pm, almost everyone was there so we started the most awaited part of the celebration which is the eating time. Voltaire started it with a prayer and we sang the “Happy Birthday song” as well. All had taken what we love to eat; I had a square piece of the huge Hawaiian pizza and a slice of the ultimate “Big Bang”, it was a Casa Verde’s huge sized hamburger.

Bigbang as it is...

Voltaire making his own pose together with the huge burger. This was his way of making a soveigner, I wish I had my own pose too...
My piece of Hawaiian pizza and a slice of the Bigbang. I almost couldn't eat everything because the piece was too big for me...

This is the rocky road cake from Red Ribbon, Joyce Alameda bought it at Ayala before going to Mama Maria's Pizzeria.

I couldn’t eat everything up because it was really more than my average piece so I went straight and got a piece of Red Ribbon’s rocky road, it was the sweetest thing. I had a couple glasses of iced tea and soda too. James arrived at 6:45pm so he had his own slices as well. Everyone was already full but there were still pizzas left. Three big full pizzas were too much for 25 people. That was my first time to personally see those very huge pizzas so I really thanked Daryl for the treat. We went home first because we still had a trip to catch. James and I were going to Bohol so we went first. I told Daryl that it was really a blast!

More photos:
Mama Maria’s Pizzeria’s crew, preparing for the pizza. It was refreshing for me because I was able to witness how they make the whole bread. They even had answered some of our questions.
Such a huge pizza it is. This is the result of the crew's hardwork...such a huge pizza, there were three of them, two were hawaiian pizzas and the other I guess was ham and cheese, not sure though.
That's my hand, see the difference? I could take a whole bite of it because of its size. Everyone of use needs to slice it first or take two bites to finish a whole slice.
Most punctual visitors...hehe. From left to right: Me, Tanya and Titah gwapa. Tita arrived a few minutes after us.
Pray before meal... serious mode. Everyone was pushing who would start the prayer, thank God Voltaire did it after all the argue.
Singing, happy birthday to you... We sang two rounds of the happy birthday song with the clap effects. I took this photo myself.
People smile!!! Magstart na lage ang kaon, be patient! This was after the singing and all. Everyone was ready to eat the huge foods.

Had taken our bites...yumyum! James arrived a couple of minutes late but he has finished eating before I could. He had just shown how fast males eat.
All went well and we took our way back to our each others' places, James and I had to go home first because we still need to catch the 9:00pm trip to Bohol. Read story here.

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