A Date At Crocolandia

It was a great Sunday, James and I had a wonderful time at Crocolandia, enjoying the nature and the awesomeness of the wild life inside the place. It was a breather going there, staying away from the buildings and polluted city while breathing in some fresh air was so good! We were super lucky because we witnessed Lapu-lapu ate his dinner

Crocolandia BTW is located in Biasong, Talisay, it is a 45 minute ride away from Cebu City. From Cebu, we rode a jeepney (Php 8.00 per head) to Talisay market where we took a tricycle (Php 50 special trip) to Crocolandia. Entrance fee was Php 80.00 per adult and Php 40.00 per children age 12 and below but if you come in groups in 25 and above, there's a 20% discount, see it would be better to go there in groups. Anyway, I was amazed when we entered there because it was windy inside, on my right was a big crocodile, I was thinking it was Lapu-lapu but no, it's not lapu-lapu. On my left was a mini park, there were number of children playing. Next to the playground is a canteen so you won't be worried if you haven't brought any food with you, the food inside is affordable. We actually were not able to bring our own so we ended eating there too. I had tuna sandwich for Php 25 and James had his Hotdog sandwich for Php 35. Aside from that, there's also a mini store for souvenirs. 

Crocolandia don't have crocodiles only but there are birds, reptiles and a fishes as well. I also met Mark there, he is an Asian Hill Myna scientific name, Gracula Religiosa or commonly known as Tiyaw. He was special because he talks to humans. He personally introduced himself to me, he even called me gwapa! Hahaha... That was his opening, when I turned back, I was of course surprise because it was a bird. He kept on asking, what's your name and would whistle out. You will surely be entertained once you meet him.

There were more than just birds and crocodiles at Crocolandia, here are more animal species living there:

There were fishes too!

What's so nice about the place aside from the fact that you can get to see a variety of animals in which some of them are considered endangered is that it is very educational because of this area named Nature Center:

Some further informative stuff inside the nature center are the bones of the dead animals from the place of course. I was quite amazed with the snakes' bones. They have some tarsier bones as well, I could still remember, there was a cage labeled Tarsier but there wasn't anything inside, so that explains it.

I did mention that we were able to witness Lapu-lapu ate two chickens that day, I didn't bring any video camera with me and though I had a cellular phone that time, I was just so overwhelmed about lapu-lapu's hugeness and I must say, he was super scary. I wonder then why the children was kinda happy and excited while watching lapu-lapu ate his dinner. 

Crocolandia's main attraction is their oldest and biggest crocodile in the farm, he weighs more than 1000 kilograms, over 15 feet long and he has been living for more than 50 years now. Here is my photo animation during lapu-lapu's meal moment:

Check this photos, James and I had a great time with the crocs:
click on the image for a better view.
Croc at Crocolandiame at Crocolandiacroc with water liliesjames at crocolandiame with Lapu-lapu at CrocolandiaLapu lapu smiles at youjames with Lapu-lapu at crocolandiafriendly croc cut off his tail at crocolandiafriendly croc with broken tail at crocolandiame kisses baby croc at crocolandiai defeated the crocs!with baby crocs at crocolandiajames bitten by the baby croc at crocolandiasecond biteme eaten by a huge crocodile at crocolandiajames eaten by the big crocodile at crocolandiatired lapu lapu after eatinglapu lapu smiling at you

For Crocolandia reservations, call  +63 32 273-1842 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +63 32 273-1842      end_of_the_skype_highlighting


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