PAG-IBIG: Check!

Three business days had passed and it's my time to return back to PAG-IBIG to claim the check for my first salary loan. In my mind, I was thinking what would I do with the money that I will be getting soon. I just dropped the thought of buying something since I guess I don't have to get any stuff right now, I will just save the money,! Anyway, I went to PAG-IBIG building bringing with me my Acknowledgement Receipt, it has the application number written on the top right hand side of that paper, the lady from counter 16 advised me to keep it until the release date.

Unlike before when I was still applying for it, I went alone since Tanya and Darwin had different schedules for claiming. The acknowledgement receipt looks like this:

My scheduled release was dates July 7, 2011 and so I went there yesterday. In claiming the check, I realized that I don't have to get my priority number anymore. In table or counter number 18 lies a computer where I need to enter my application number and if the check is available, a check number is printed on screen. I was surprised because the print on the screen was too large that the people at the back can visualize it.

Once check number was secured, I proceeded to counter six for the release of the check. This was the stage where I thought I would be waiting for a couple of hours but turned out I just waited for I guess 10-15 minutes for my check. Here is a photo capture of the steps in claiming the check:

There you go, one can see that once you approach counter six and reminder, once you're ready to claim your check, bring your identification cards with you. And if you are claiming in behalf of someone else, you need to bring with you an original copy of authorized special power of attorney and identification cards of both parties, the applicant's and yours of course.

check releasing counter number 6
Right after sticking the paper where I wrote my name and my check number, I seated in the front row and patiently waited for my name to be called. Surprisingly, the wait was not that long compared to what I have anticipated. After a few minutes, my name was called and was asked for my ID. The officer asked me to fill out a quick form and signed on their log sheet stating that I had already received my check.

my love check :)
Alas! Here's my check and the stub is intended for my employer so I need to pass this one to our company HR which I have already done earlier today. I as well noted when I went to the HR office that instead of paying this amount within two long years, I want to make it just one year. Meaning, instead of deducting one time per month, I want it to be deducted twice per month, once per payday. The nice thing about this one as well is that you can re-apply for a loan after six months. Either you pay for the remaining balance or deduct the balance from the next loaned amount.

Even though it felt like it is already money, I can't be happy if I have a check only so I need to en-cash it. Worry free because outside the building lies a number of people who calls in for whosoever want to convert their checks instantly without hassle with a 1% deduction. They can be easily identified because they are bringing umbrellas with them and once they see you going out from the building, they would pursue you. I agreed to let them convert it minus 1% because going to a bank would take time and effort as well and when you go to a public bank like Landbank, you will need to sacrifice a few hours of your day waiting.

How was your PAG-IBIG experience?


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