Pera Na, Binitin Pa!

I feel disappointed today, I am tired and exhausted because of the graduation allowance that I just claimed today from the Department of Science and Technology. I requested the "cheque" for the late graduation allowance last June 29, 2011 by calling the DOST office. I even posted about it and was happy knowing that though late, they had given it anyway. However, I never thought I would go through this hassle with converting it to cash. The story goes like this:

I got out off work today at ten in the morning, James and I agreed to claim the allowance so we met to Sudlon, Lahug and walked together to the DOST office. FYI, DOST office has been transferred from Banilad to Lahug. From the intersection, it took us ten minutes to reach the building. We were enjoying the walk since the place was windy and most of the government offices were located there. The place looked like a village of government establishments. The DepEd, DILG, Department of Finance and etc. were there. The DOST office was at the end of the village, just beside the Ecotech building. We were quiet amazed because compared to the previous office, this one right here looks way better. 

beautiful isn't it?
The Office for the scholarships is in the basement, we only spent fifteen minutes there. The officer in charge of the checks advised us to bring two valid identification cards once we go to Landbank Banilad branch. Only the Banilad branch can convert the check to cash. I only brought with me my company's ID and James only has his Voter's ID. The officer was very kind to have their secretary sign it's back so the bank we can present one ID only.

We went ahead to Banilad, it was too hot at that time and I am already sleepy. The bank has very strict security guards there, I don't understand why one of the guards keeps repeating "maam, present two IDs" and I kept on replying, the DOST office secretary signed it so we can just present one ID. I know he is loyal to his job, anyway maybe he has just poor listening skills.

So we were given with our designated priority numbers, James got number 38 and funny, I got number 42. We signed the checks and proceed at the counter. I was called by the teller because I forgot to assign my signature,bummer! my bad. Then she asked me for the E-card. Blank. I don't know what to say, I don't use it anymore and so I don't have it on my wallet. It was two long years since I last used it and I don't know if it is still alive. In fact, I had forgotten how it looked like. James gave a frown face because he don't know where he placed his card either. Now the sad part is that they won't en-cash it without the E-card. I was frustrated, the lady said they had already informed the DOST office about it but the person in charge there didn't even bother informing us in the first place. If we were just informed about it, we should have not bothered going to the bank without bringing the card.

To cut the long story short, I went home empty-handed and James went to work disappointed. That wasted my precious time, effort and money for the fare. I also wonder if my co-DOST scholars know about it. 

Well, everything happens for a reason so, I will just let this pass. Good thing, I found my E-card. I hope tomorrow will be a lucky day for me. 

i'll just keep you for the mean time!

UPDATE dated July 29, 2011:

I finally got my check en-cashed! It took almost an hour because of slow processing though but anyway, patience is still a virtue!


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