Is That The New Friendster?

An earthquake had shaken up those early and the sleepless Visayan birds today around 4:47am. I am with the latter but I never felt any shake at all. It was amazing how I was deeply focused on the series I was watching, the City Hunter. I can't believe I was that insensitive. I just knew it when I read the fb status of my colleagues. Anyways, thank goodness it was just a minor shake, hope everyone else in the Visayas is doing good. Aw, this post is not for the earthquake but for friendster so here we go!

Welcome back fs! Friendster had come back with a new tag line: living the game. I never expected that they would really make it into a gaming kind of social networking site,. I am not into online gaming anymore, in fact the last online game I was addicted to was the Crazy Cart and the Farm Town via facebook. That was two years ago and I stopped playing because it just consumes my time, making me unproductive. I can't imagine how those games keep my eyes open for like six to eight hours so I decided to stop that craziness and never play any online game anymore, not even a single one.

With that, I was hesitant to log in to Friendster since the site is all about gaming now and no one from my friends so far had cared logging in back to the site. But I just did so due to curiousity.

On the first page, shows a marquee of this three things highlights:

> play games, make friends, enjoy rewards

> compliment your activities and interactions in other social media networks

> socialize by having different avatars for different online occasions

Sorry but it doesn't catch me, I just logged in to check how it's going there. BTW, the site is still in beta so let's see what they have here. The site has a lot of colors because it is a gaming site in the first place but I don't think shading the Feedback tab red was a good idea. 

I first went to the Games tab, there were a lot of games in fairness, you can browse through categories or navigate to the newest release, it's your discretion. They had featured some eye catching games as well:

Though the photos are nice and appealing yet, they are merely the same as the other website's games which I guess most of us internet savvy pipz had already played. I went to the next tab which is labeled Friends and got here a variety of avatars.

Kewl huh? You can change it to your own pretty face though but since it is a gaming site, I suggest you can let this cutie avatars represent you instead. Like it or not but Friendster's keeping it this way. You can log on now and play those games if you have the luxury of time but as for me, that might be my last account log in.

Just kidding! I might log back in if I found an excellent reason to.

Before I finally clicked on the log out link, I tried to explore the whole site and look for the import app which could get my exported files but I guess that isn't an option anymore now. Anyways, they saved my friends list together with my account log in credentials. That's all I need for the meantime.

Have you logged back in to your FS account already? How did you find it?


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