Tumblr Annoyance: realgiftbasket

I wonder if it is just me or Tumblr has been hacked or something. This experience has started a few weeks before which I had just ignored thinking that maybe it is Tumblr's own advertisement. Since I would recently post via Piclyf, I rarely open my Tumblr's dashboard then today, I felt like grabbing some cute photos from Tumblr. There isn't no other site which gives very pretty photos but Tumblr only, thanks to my buddies there.

The main issue was whenever I tumble on Tumblr for just five minutes, all pages that I navigate/redirects to this realgiftbasket site with the url of the Tumblr page I was suppose to open. It was super annoying. I first thought it was just a browser issue so I tried using Mozilla Firefox, I was on Google Chrome before. Same thing happened with firefox and I never attempted to use Internet Explorer because it is slow and I know I would be getting the same result. I searched about it and found that there are a lot of people having the same problem and they were not able to fix it.

Today, I asked some help from James about the case and gladly, he was able to solve it. Guess how he did it, pretty simple. He just blocked that annoying website. This is how he did it:

1. Click Start->All Programs->Accessories->Command Prompt.
2. Click Command Prompt This will open a DOS command window.

3. Type: notepad C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts

4. Locate the line localhost

5. To block the website google.com for example, just add this text under localhost: google.com127.0.0.1 www.google.comYou can add as many sites any site, However you will need to prefix it with "".

6. Save the file
The site will now be blocked in all web browser. 

If these steps had helped you out in some ways or if it didn't, please leave a comment.


This worked for I guess an two or three hours, then just when I thought it was all fine, the annoying real gift basket came up again! Urgh! I can't take it anymore and I can't think of any other ways of fixing this matter. I even sent an email report to Tumblr about it but they haven't responded about it yet, the only thing I received is an auto-generated email saying:

This is just a quick note to let you know that we have received your support request (Ticket 325245). We try to respond to every email we receive, but due to an increasingly high volume of feedback, there may be some delay. We appreciate your patience.
Lots of questions have already been answered in our Help section at http://www.tumblr.com/helpAs always, it is our pleasure to assist in any way possible!
Warmest regards,
Your friends at Tumblr Support
Guess I will just stay with Piclyf for now, I can't stand this annoyance anymore. I will wait for Tumblr's reciprocal actions about this case.

Have you been experiencing the same situation? Please share how you were able to get it fixed. 



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19 Comments to “Tumblr Annoyance: realgiftbasket”

  • Hi Jean! thanks for this info.I have not experienced this yet but i often encounter problem when i'm working with computer as i'm still learning how to use it.What i've had experience last week was the http-error 400, that was solved thanks God. And then two days ago i can't leave comment to any blog it keeps asking me to sign in to my email and that was solved too. These are the reasons for me to start my blog about computer help.An advantage for me but i also want to share and help others by having collections of how to solve computer problems. i want to ask your permission for me to share this in my blog if that's possible.Ask me if ever you'll allow me how to share this in my blog? I don't have any idea kung pano.

  • hi aida! thanks for visiting! well good for you, you haven't experienced that.sure you can share anything in here.

  • Hi Jeanbeltran.
    I'm experiencing the same problem. I tried what was written above, and still I see this fcukin real gift basket. Grrrr.
    They say that this case have been annoying people like us since 2007. =(
    So that means tumblr haven't given any actions to this kind of situation.


    Angry dessa

  • @dessa: what? since 2007?wtf... I actually emailed the tumblr support about it and they had replied to me asking for my ip address... I gave them my ip but I haven't gotten any response after that..

  • Jeanbeltran,

    Hi again. Yes, I've seen the problem posted at yahoo answers. It was dated April of 2007, and she had mentioned that this is about IP address issues.
    Maybe someone must have cloned our IP addresses. My internet connection is from Globe Wi-max, and I have friends who can hack Wi-max. I guess this is the main reason why we can't use tumblr normally. I'm so pissed and angry about this matter. If ever tumblr@support gave you some troubleshooting guide, kindly share it too.


    angry dessa

  • @dessa: I am using Globe Wi-max as well, mine might have been hacked too i guess. Don't worry, if there will be further resolutions, I would definitely post it. will let you know as well.

  • OH GOD. Thank you for this. Tumblr came back to normal after I tried this. But I'm not sure if it's permanent though. I'm quite nervous to do the DNS changes to my router since I'm afraid it won't work if I do that. But yeah, THANKS A LOT! :D

  • hi anonymous! this didn't work actually..i mean this would temporarily fixes the problem. for permanent fix, check this post:

  • Hi. I've been experiencing the same problem. & I'M USING GLOBE WI-MAX too. This is depressing. I tried what was written above, and still I see this real gift basket. :( HELP PLEASE.

  • @Viinzee: try the other work around here:

  • Hi Jean! I tried my best, but the real gift baskets is still there. :((((( This is seriously frustrating. :'(((

  • @Viinzee: I understand it may be frustrating, but let's try working it out together.

    have you checked your router's firmware? In the first place, are you using a router for your internet connection?

  • Hi jean! I tried to open the, but it says there that "problem loading page. so I really can't find any solution to this. & BTW yes, I'm using a router. I actually removed it. :'( But nothing's changed.

  • what router are you using? the router's up varies depending on your router. Check on your documentation.

  • I dont know my routers ip :O

  • @anon: hello! your router's ip address should be available on it's documentation or on the physical router itself. In my situation, my router's ip is printed in the bottom of the router.

    PS: can you also place your name so I can address you correctly?

  • hi jean.

    I haven't visited your blog since I started working. I now work at PCCW teleservices and I'm under Belkin account, products including router and modem. I haven't tried using IP address of www.tumblr.com if the problem will still persist because I'm not using globe Wi-Max now, so have you tried flusing the DNS or using the IP address of tumblr instead? I really want to resolve this problem, because there are a lot of people who exactly experience same problem. My co-worker who happens to work at Globe Wi-max tech support told me that we should bring our modem back to their office and send a report of DNS loading problem. Maybe that will be our last option. =) I may have a very late response but I hope everything will be turn out fine. Fuck that Real Gift Basket.

    =) rock on

    *angry dessa

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