PAG-IBIG Ang Sagot!

This has been former Vice President Noli De Castro's line when he was still promoting this government branch before. I was not aware about how this PAG-IBIG thing works but since I am working for more than 24 months now, I was forced to get to know more about it. My colleagues once asked me if I was able to apply for a PAG-IBIG salary loan since I have been contributing for two years already. From then, I learned that this government sector can lend an amount of money to all illegible employees and the nice thing is that you can also loan for your own house.

I was not really interested about borrowing an amount of money payable for two years but they said we need to avail that so if we need money in the future, we can get higher amounts. So last week, Tanya, Darwin and I secured a form from our company HR, one thing to make sure, use blue pens. We also secured all requirements which were two valid government IDs, one month payslip and Cedula. I am not sure if the same process goes to other companies but with Sykes Asia Inc., once the requirements are ready, we can submit it to the HR office for the validation. It took two business days for the HR team to get the form fully validated, the HR head also had signed for it.

And so earlier today, the three of us went to the PAG-IBIG office in Cebu Business Park and submitted our forms. 
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Priority numbers are necessary in any transactions because of the number of people coming in everyday. One can secure the priority number in the front desk, left side once you enter the building.

my form and priority number :)
the waiting...
The waiting part was way long, we arrived at the office at almost two in the afternoon, there were a lot of people inside and we were entertained almost four in the afternoon, anyway thanks to my companies I never had an idle time there. We were all busy talking while waiting for our turn.

We were all worried because the witnesses' signature were both in black prints since we just signed it when we went there. But good thing the lady in the desk number 16 seemed to not notice it. All of us were given the claim stub, two of us were dated July 7 and Tanya's was July 11. We all agree to claim it on July 11, Monday since we are all in rest days on that day. I am not sure how much will be given since it is my first loan, some of my colleagues said it would only range from 3k-4k, the next loan amount will be higher according to them as well.

Will update you on Monday!

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