Goodbye Atlast to realgiftbasket

Six days of trial and error, troubleshooting and pc setting modification has been spent and today, I can officially declare that my Tumblr experience is now perfect. No more redirection to realgiftbasket and that all posts show up on the page without errors. I am beyond happiness and I am thankful to those people who helped me and spent time to make these things happen. 

This post goes to all those Tumblr gals and guys out there who had been experiencing the same problem I had for months. If you are getting a page tab named advanced search and the page title shows real gift basket but the url shows the tumblr page you supposedly clicked on, then you are one of us. Special thanks to a blogger named Dessa because she had given me some ideas on what was going on with it. I am super grateful to Tumblr support specialists, Renee and Thomas. Most specially, thanks to James for helping me out with the troubleshooting steps.

I have found out that this problem occurs to those who are using routers with their internet connections. What Thomas from Tumblr support advised me was to upgrade the firmware of my router. I am using Tenda W311R+ technology and when I checked the firmware, it's updated so the next step was to change the DNS of my router to a protected one.

Here's the steps:

1. Visit:

2. Once you get to the homepage, you will see "What are you protecting?", if you're using a router at home, click home.

3. You will have to sign up though, but it's free, don't worry :)

4. After you signed up, click on "Router" on the page where you will see "Change DNS on your".

5. Click on the router you're currently using on the list and follow through.

No more redirection to realgiftbasket after I did the process. Hope this works on your end too. 

Good luck!

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24 Comments to “Goodbye Atlast to realgiftbasket”

  • Hey, I'm sorry but I'm the anon from your other entry. I'm also using Globe Wi-Max but the features of the Huawei seems different from mine. It does not have the Basic, Advanced, Tools, etc. How will I do the OpenDNS to it? I'm frustrated already. T____T

  • hi! are you using a router at home?

  • Hello! I'm using a router and yesterday I found out how to change my Primary and Secondary DNS but unfortunately, it didn't make a change. T-T

  • I also encountered similar problem yung Brown Pinay blog ko naging realgiftbasket....ok naman sya sa view ng iba sa ibang lugar, davao, cebu and even here sa manila...i also tried browsing my blog from my smart mobile phone ok naman..pero dun sa 2 lappy ko na nakakabit sa globe broadband ko na nakarouter nireset ko yung HUAWEI at DLINK router ko at pag open ko ok na sya...your post in informative sis specially those with similar problem like us...kung hindi nag ok ang reset itong suggestion mo na ang next gagawin ko

  • Hello! It works! :) thank you very much..I just updated our router's firmware...GOD BLESS YOU! :D

  • Hi Jean! I just want to know if you can go to youtube? Yes, DNS fixed the problem but whenever I go to youtube.... it says it's blocked.


  • hi to all! it's good to know that most of you had resolve the problem using these work arounds.

    @cielo: good job!

    @hi anon: some sites might be blocked but you can ask opendns to unblock them. they are just an email away. As for me, I can still use youtube. hope that will be fixed too!

  • Did you add a network in dns?
    Can you access some torrent sites like piratebay,, etc?

  • how do you do step 1? i can't figure it out. thanks. :)

  • Hi. Can you explain the steps that you did? I can't figure out step 1. 1. Visit the router's IP address in a new browser window.
    The standard address of the router's config is (If you have forwarded port 80 to another machine, the location becomes
    Thanks. I really appreciate it.

  • hi there... the router's ip address varies actually depending on your router type. You need to refer to your router's documentation for this.

  • weeeeeeeeee! thanks! been struggling for weeks on how to solve this problem. Imma Globe wimax user too. It sucks to know that only Globe users get affected wuth this. Thanks again! Keep it up!

  • Ok. So i unplugged the router or idk what you call then then plugged it again. I went on tumblr and it was working for like 30 minutes or so.. Then it went back again to giftbasket or smth. -___- i'm using wimax too. Im getting really frustrated at this. Its been happening for almost a month now.. Pls help me

  • @anon: hold on, which step are you referring to? based on the steps I have here, i can't recall anything that says plugging and unplugging the router.

    please clarify so i can help you further. what router brand and model are you using?

  • Oh. Cause thats what my friend said :$ but it did work for just a short amount of time.. Im using HUAWEI. and i don't have that basic and advanced tools thingy :$

  • @anon: i see then... are you referring to the free material that globe had given you when they set up your internet connection and is labeled globe broadband? i think that is the modem. do you have a router? the steps are effective to those users who have routers.

  • Yeaaaaah.. But, no i don't have a router.

  • @anon: okay, try and follow these steps:

    1. go to
    2. sign up
    3. click computer
    4. select OS and follow through the instructions.

    Reminder: make sure to follow the said instructions. I have not tried this since I am using a router.

    Hope this works.Please inform me then if it helped.

    Good luck!

  • IT WORKED! Thanks! :)

  • @anon: very good then! Have a happy tumblr day.!

  • Hello po.anung klaseng router ang globe wimax? :O pls help

  • @anon: Globe Wimax has no router included during the installation, it has a modem instead. In that case, you can use these steps:

    1. go to
    2. sign up
    3. click computer
    4. select OS and follow through the instructions.

    Reminder: make sure to follow the said instructions. I have not tried this since I am using a router.

    Hope this works.Please inform me then if it helped.

    Good luck!

  • wow. i gotta try this one. =)


    angry dessa

  • @dessa: please inform me if this works! thanks dessa!!

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