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The most talked about topic on the world wide web today is this new social networking site by google itself, none other than google plus[+]! I have been introduced to it by James and that in the top of my head, this one might be the facebook-killer so has facebook to friendster. Sadly, when I visited the site the first time, it was still on an invite only mode. It was until tonight that I was able to get an invite and eventually created my own account! Thanks to myMaria, she posted on her facebook page that her account is eligible for inviting friends.

Here is a snapshot of my google+ home page:

Yes I have people on my circles already and the best thing here is that I can send invites too! If you want to get invites here, then just comment out! It would be nice if each one of us can get the chance of exploring this new Google project, it's a good thing to be part of it's pioneering accounts.

You might be curious how the interface looks like, but I suggest you better not expect for any fancy layouts or color combinations because it's plain simple. Google has been consistent when it comes to simplicity. So it's plain white-gray and some text colors on the links and the buttons.

Don't be surprised 'coz once you create your account because your photos from picasa and your buzzes in gbuzz are synchronized over as well. But you have the option to change the settings and make them private. Same as Facebook and other social networking sites, you have the option to post or change your status, videos, photos, link as well as your location made possible by Google maps of course. Now if you click on the chat link, all your Google buddies, either inside or not part of your circle, starts popping out. Yes, circles are the same as categories for your contacts to easily manage them. These settings and functionality BTW are all in beta states so watch out for more added features in the future.

click the profile image to add me to your network circle!

There you go, if you like to get an invite, comment here while I still have the privilege to do so.


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