Globe Way-max Strike 2

Thought my internet problems have been fixed after globe had changed my modem, but it was the total opposite. Three days after the fix, another problem occurred. There was no more signal lights on the modem and so it means there was no internet connection at all. The problem started last Tuesday, June 28, 2011. I tried troubleshooting it, restart the router, power cycled but there was no avail. I waited again for 24 hours but no progress at all. I called Globe at the second day and told them about the situation. The rep named Jess assured me that they are monitoring my connection and said there was no problem with it as their system shows so they will just send their technicians to personal check the modems and the wires if necessary.

I was thinking it could be the antenna that is having a problem this time since the modem is brand new. So the next day, third day to be exact, I waited for the technicians to send me a message or call me. I specified my best available time during my call with Jess, stated to be 10 in the morning to two in the afternoon. It was already two in the afternoon but still there was no notification at all. I was still patient about it, thinking maybe the technicians were just busy with other clients so I waited further.

No sms or call the whole day so I called their 211 service that night. I spoke with Pau; he said the report showed there was a delay of the visit because the technicians were unable to locate me. I was quiet amazed because the whole time I was waiting for them, the two phones were both on and I was monitoring them. I was unable to sleep well thinking they might call me at 3pm onwards. So to appease me, Pau said he will do a follow up call on the technicians. I held my temper and managed to be patient about it. 

Saturday morning at 8am, I received a phone call from a restricted caller, I found out then that she was from globe, she was questioning about my feedback on the technician visit. Of course I explained my situation and she again said she will make a follow up. I stressed out that this is too much and I really need the connection fixed. She assured me that someone will surely call me within the specified time.

So again, I waited for a call from 10am to 1:59pm. No call or sms at all. I am pissed already and so I called the customer service line again. Talked with Aldwin, I guess I have already spoken to almost all their reps. Aldwin informed me that there was a delay because of the technicians were unable to locate me again! They busted out and started complaining. I gave Aldwin my sun number and told him I am about to lose my patience with this. Aldwin said he again will make a follow up call. He also stated this will be escalated and they will make their best to have the case handled within the day. He even td me they will try to contact the Cebu office and ask for a technician until 5:30pm. I don't believe in him anymore. I was already expecting that no one from globe will call me. I am a bad camper here. 

Expectantly, no one contact me or even sent a notification about this bad connection. I am super upset and the thought that I will be bored during my entire rest days was giving me a bad feeling. I can’t recall the number of times that I called Globe after then, it feels like I am far from the cyber world. I don’t want to go to the cafĂ© anymore, no more! I just can’t take it and I ended up asking James to call them instead because I am not anymore happy with them. James then told me Globe was experiencing some network problems and is the main cause of all the internet problems. I wasn’t buying for that. Anyway, thanks for the PAG-IBIG loan experience I wasn’t stuck on my room during the first day of my rest day.

Oh well, things go out well because the internet connection came back just a few hours after I went to PAG-IBIG. At last, I won’t gonna be calling their customer service anymore.


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