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I added up a new banner on my Make Money Online page, it’s the Readbud referral banner; this replaces ImCrew’s banner, which I just found out to be a fake online making money site.

I was referred by a college friend, Roxan Tamayo after the experience with ImCrew and so far, I could sense that this isn’t fake at all. What I like about this site is that there is an effort in earning the money. You really need to read the whole article and that there are things you can learn with those articles that they give out.

In the creation of your account, you will also be asked to select 50 among the list of article categories. From Arts and Entertainment to Health and fitness to Internet business, you have the freedom to select which one would interest you the most. Of course you have the will to choose 50 or less than 50. 

Aside from that, you can also earn by referring someone to join the site. Unlike other money-making sites, the only way for you to earn the $5 referral is if and only when the person whom you had referred to had redeemed his own earned money as well. This is the only site so far that I have known to work this way. Because of that, I thought the site is not a hoax.

If you want to earn extra money while also learning, click on here.

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