UnionBank: Zero Deposit Charge

I had been surprised by Union Bank today and because I am so thankful to them, I decided to blog and share it.

This morning, my mom sent me a notification. She said she is going to the city to buy something and to deposit an amount of money in my BDO account for my digital camera. After a few hours, she asked for my account number. I was no idea that the number in front of my BDO atm card is not the account number instead it is just the card number, that was so lame. She called and told me that the teller won't accept it, they need the exact account number. So I searched my room for my account number but I can't find any. I then decided to just deposit the money in my EON account instead. 

The very nice thing about EON's card is that the account number is placed in the card itself as well. Like this one:

The above numbers is the card number and the bottom is the account number. So without looking for any other document, I was able to send my EON account number to my mom. She then went to Union Bank's Tagbilaran Branch and deposited the money. After half an hour, she notified me saying that it was already deposit successfully. I was relieved after that.
After depositing, my mom also gave a feedback about their process. She said it is better to deposit in Union because there's no charge compared to other bank accounts. One more thing is that the branch isn't populated so the process was all flowing smoothly without any hassle. She even planned of getting an account in the future because of the very good impression. 

Thanks Union Bank!

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