Busico-Tobias Nuptial

September 18, 2010 – marks the wedding day of my college friend, Eugene Busico and Jasmine Tobias, his high school love. They were dating for almost six long years, there were break ups but they were able to make it up to the altar. They first planned to be married on September 19 since it is their anniversary but the church wouldn’t let them so they decided to have it a day before the 19th. 

The bride – this was taken before the ceremony, she was waiting for the ceremony to start.

The Groom - waiting for the bride. Eugene is with his mom and I was guessing, his uncle. They lost their father when he was in second year college.

Jasmine is with her mom and her brother. Her father is in abroad, he is an OFW and was not able to witness the wedding day of his daughter.

James and I were part of the entourage on their wedding ceremony; we were part of the secondary sponsors assigned for the veil. I was kinda hesitant to join because I was not informed about the dress code but since I was already there, I then marched on the isle and put the veil on the bride’s head. I was not aware what that means but I did some research why it needed to put a veil and a chord on them.

As what I have researched, the veil, according to Spanish Catholic custom, is placed over the bride's head and around the groom's shoulders as a symbolic gesture of his protection of his wife. The cord is tied in a figure eight. According to old Spanish Catholic custom, it symbolically binds the couple together.

In this photo, the groom is taking the bride by kissing her parents, apparently, only the bride’s mom.

The groom is putting the ring on the bride’s finger while saying his vows.

With the veil and chord attached to them.

Their first kiss as husband and wife. (apologize for the camera man at the back)

Mr. and Mrs. Busico.

After the ceremony, as a part of a culture, they need to go to the bride’s residence.
Our college barkadas, Jufni, Tiffany, Maria Tonette, Evariz and Nestor also were there to witness the wedding, unfortunately, they were late so they had only witnessed the later part, anyway, it is better to be late than not to be there. After the ceremony, we went to the bride’s residence. We didn’t imagine that Jasmine’s residence was far and rocky and it was at the top of the hill. But even though it was like it, we just think it was part of the adventure.

Making fun, this was the first part of the adventure towards the bride’s residence.

The bride’s maid also came along with the newlyweds.

 We were going up and down. A grassy path way towards the bride’s residence.

This is the most thrilling part of the adventure, the slope was like 45degrees and it was 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon.

Sa Kamaisan, in the corn fields. This is another adventure going up to the hill full of corns.

This was the scenery when we reached the top. Woaah! It was a rewarding feeling to see the sea view and the beauty of nature.

Lunch was served at the bride’s residence. There was lechon and a lots of food. We ate there and went down after.

Another round at the groom’s residence, in the photo is Tiffany, Jufni and Tonette.

Nestor and Evariz sipping her bottle of pepsi after eating her meal.

James and I had our own bottles of beer as well.

It was already dark when the throwing of bouquet started. No one caught the bouquet the first time the bride threw it, the second time around; still no one dared to catch it but I then picked it up.

We went home at almost seven in the evening; we wished the newlyweds a lasting love and many babies.

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