Planetbiz: A once in a lifetime opportunity

"A gifted speaker can inspire with his words."

A true statement that is mostly applied when there are events like commencements or company parties and ceremonies.
Just a few hours ago, James and I had been inspired by a gifted speaker indeed, Mr. Noel Fuentes Velasquez, the founder and owner of Planetbiz International Inc.

He was the speaker at the company's Product & Business Awareness and Free Tasting Event at SM City Cebu, Conference Hall D. The event started at three in the afternoon, there were like 40-50 people inside the conference hall that time, James and I seated at the back part of the seats since we were already part of the company, we just joined Friday of last week, that was September 17, 2010. This is actually our first time to listen to the owner speak about the product and the company, we were really enthusiastic when we came there. Our enthusiasm increased when Mr. Noel started her talk. He talked about his job before, he was a registered nurse he worked at Makati Medical Hospital and Saint Luke (this hospitals are familiar to me because most Filipino actors and actresses talk about it). He also had worked abroad as a nurse, when he returned to the Philippines, he worked here in Cebu as a Med Rep which he found a comfortable and highly-paid job at that time.

One time when he was at a place somewhere in the city, he was approached by a beautiful and sexy lad who invited him for an event exactly the same as the event that is currently happening except the number of heads present, he told us that there were like 300+. He had then realized that it was a Network Marketing company and he joined that company, it made him a million-earner in a month and soon made him come to the idea of creating his own company. That was his training ground, his starting line. The one thing which really touched me was when he mentioned that he choose to share this great opportunity to people like us who are part of the low standard of living in the country instead of those that are already rich because he knows how it feels to dream to be riding on his own car and living in a full-furnished home, he dreamed to help his country men who has the vision to grow in life and reach their dream the same way as how he used to dream before.

Mr. Velasquez educated us about network marketing which is mostly known as networking or pyramiding and when you talk about it, almost everyone's impression is negative. This is because there were victims before of incorrect education about the said system. As what I have realized, networking has been living in our veins since the time we have started to think by ourselves. Example, in an employment system, we can see a tree of positions, the top head is the CEO or the owner down to the managers to the supervisors and lastly, to the employees. The employees do their best, they work hard for the company but who earns the most? Networking is present when we speak about a product and the other buy that because you have spoken good feedback about it, it is the power of the mouth and it is living in us. When you watch a movie and you were really satisfied about it, you recommend it to your friends and update your facebook status about it. Soon, your friends would watch the movie as well as those who don't know you, then the movie producers earned because of that. The only difference between them is that with what is present, you won't earn a penny but in joining this kind of business, you too are earning.

Mr. Velasquez then introduced to us the product which is the world's first alkaline drink and he named it Renefx (pronounced as ren-f-x) Ren stands for Reinforcing
Ef Effect. 

The ingredients are actually natural starting with Guarana, Green tea, Chlorella, DHA, Sodium Ascorbate, Vitamin B complex, B1 and B2. 
And take note, this has zero preservatives. With all of those natural ingredients, Renefx becomes a mall of all beverages and definitely a healthy drink. Instead of drinking soft drinks which can cause harm to the body, change the brand now and start drinking the one which is healthy to the body. For all other information please visit

So with a healty product, Mr. Velazques then explained confidently how we can market it to our families without doing any hard marketing. He also had explained further the way on how to earn more without directly selling the product. By joining the company thru buying an account, one can earn in nine ways, the best one that I could remember is the Inheritance, in this way, if there will be misfortunes and the distributor will die, the beneficiary will inherit all those earnings from the distributor's network. So imagine, if you are the head of the family and you have a child, if something bad happens to you, your family will not be left with nothing but all of the earnings will be given to them instead.

The talk was about three hours since when Mr. Velasquez ended his talk, it was almost six. He ended the talk with a short story about a young and a wise man. The young man approached the wise man and let him guess if the bird he has at his back is dead or alive. The wise man, wise as he is, said, "Young boy, if I say it is dead, you would let go of it and let it fly and if I say it is alive, you would squeeze it until it die." Mr. Noel expanded further that the decision actually doesn't lie in his hands but in our or shall I say your hands, the said business is a pioneering one which has been shared to us and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity, it depends if you has the vision and the dream the same as what he has to level up the standard of life that you are in right now.

James and I had left the conference hall with hearts full of inspiration and eagerness to strive to reach our dreams and goals in life.

I would like to end this post with this very striking quote:

“Success means doing the best we can with what we have. Success is the doing, not the getting; in the trying, not the triumph. Success is a personal standard, reaching for the highest that is in us, becoming all that we can be.”


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