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Are you familiar of chikka? If you are, then good but if not, then let me introduce it to you. Chikka is a site which gives you a means to send sms for free. Well, it is for free but only up to three text messages, if you want to continuosly use it, the receiver needs to reply to your message first before you could continue. Even so, I still love this site, I know there are a lot of free texting sites but chikka has been introduced to me first and I stick to it.

Wayback in college, I rarely buy minutes or loads for my cellular phones, here in the philippines, we are used to buying prepaids rather than having a plan. I also prefer this because I am not into calls and that I only send sms to my family members. So one time when I badly needed to send my mom a message and I don't have any load anymore, my college friend suggested to use chikka instead since we were in a cafe that time. So I created my own account and sent out a message to my mother. She received it immediately and since I informed her I don't have any load, she also had reloaded my sim card account. Cool right?

Chikka was really helpful for me up until I graduated, when I had my own internet connection, I never had bought prepaid load anymore because I had relied to chikka. Whenever I need to send a notification to my mom or to anyone else, chikka is just a click away.

Even now, I am still a fan of chikka and awhile ago, I sent out a message but that was barred because I have zero balance. Immediately, I opened and to my surprise, they had updated their site. From the red and blue theme to a lighter blue and orange theme. Their background reminds me of twitter. 

But anyway, I signed in and was able to send a message to my buddy. Here's a shot of my account. It is much more refreshing now and the user interface is more friendly than before. I like it, though I could still think of twitter every time I log in.

But overall, I love their upgrade and it is faster than before. 

Two thumbs up for chikka! Keep it up! 

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