Cup Cakes Fresh from the Oven!

Hey guys!

I am so excited to share to you my new creations, guess what? I was able to create some tasty cupcakes. Yes! Won’t you believe me? This morning, I was inspired to work with my baby tablet and started to make yummy cupcakes via Adobe Photoshop. Yehey! I am no cook actually, I don’t know how to bake even a single piece of cake but with Photoshop, I was successful with my cupcakes, I even created a huge whole piece of strawberry cake. Hmmmm… this makes me hungry, I bet you too, hahaha. 

Anyways, to start over, I would like you to take one here. This isn’t a birthday party or something but please have your selves some. Hehehe. Sorry guys but I guess I am imagining here, don’t blame me, but I am really happy today because of this cupcakes here. So please take some. I have named them myself.

First is my "Strawberry Cupcake":

Wow, isn’t it yummy to look at? I love the strawberry top here. I wish it can be real so I can take my bite. Okay then, I’ll stop drooling here but I’ll do that later since there are lots more to come. Next…

I named it “Jean’s Cherry Cupcake”, of course it real obvious because of the cherry at the top of the cupcake. My tongue is kinda watering now, hehehe how about yours? Weeeeeh, don’t worry guys, as I have mentioned, everyone gonna get your share, just let me introduce them to you first. Next…

This is my own “Choco Cupcake”, yes it is chocolate. Who doesn’t love chocolates anyway? I even sprinkled it with some sweet stuff. It will be great if we can sit down here, have some chitchats and then together we take our own bites until we leave no cup alive. Hahaha. Well, too much for that and let’s move on…

Here is my “Love cup”, the icing here has covered everything up even the cup. I so love this because of the hearts. This just reminds me of how I am super in love these days. I want to dedicate this to my love, James Figues, I hope he’ll love it too just the way I am deeply in love with him. Weeeeh! This makes me corny. Yeeks...

Lastly is my whole “Strawberry Cake”. Before I had created the cupcakes, I created the cake first so here it is:

This can be served for birthdays, holidays and anniversaries, any occasion will do just take the candle out, that’s for birthdays only. Anyway, I guess I am full now, I need to take those strawberries and give you some, here… take it.
This is the first thing that I have created today before the cake and the cupcakes. I was inspired with this piece of strawberry so the above just followed. I used Adobe Photoshop CS4; tools used were brush, pen, fill, marquee and move. I just love this day. And because of that, here are the links for you to download all:

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