Harvey Tolibao: Philippines' Pride in Comic Illustration

I would not sleep today without posting this article about the Promdi artist who had made Filipinos proud when it comes to Comic book illustrations.

I am also been a fan to all artist may it be on any fields, painting, photography, sketch, name it. So when my colleague Rowena, we used to call her Mommy Dy told me about her college classmate who was featured in yahoo Philippines, I was super excited to read the article and know more about him. On the yahoo fit to post corner with Jiggy Cruz entitled Comic FanBoy sessions with Harvey Tolibao, he talked about Harvey's life in general and they have a question and answer portion as well. It was a summarized article actually so I researched about him more and bumped into this post from gmanews.tv titled Harvey Tolibao: Promdi artist destined for the stars. This is more specific and to quote, this was posted last 2007, wew almost three years ago, this man must be very famous now. Indeed, he is and yet he is still has this down-to-earth personality.

Harvey Tolibao grew in Mindanao, specifically in Malaybalay City; I guess he got his talent from his father who was a painter. He studied college at Cebu Institute of Technology, known now as CIT University. He was a DOST scholar, this was an info given by my colleague since they were classmates before, she also told me that Harvey is a very good person and he is very humble. They used to ask him to draw them as well before. After college, he worked as a furniture designer and a tattoo artist (wow!!!). He went to Manila and worked as a web designer. He then found a way to get in touch with the person-in-charge of the Glass House Graphics (GHG) Inc. in Asia and then the rest is history. He is now well known in the field of comic arts.

Well, salute to you, Mr. Harvey Tolibao, another pride to our country and to our Alma Mater, CIT-University.

Here are some of his super cool cool works, grabbed from his deviantart porfolio.

Elektra Themed Teaser for Marvel
Deathwish Book 3 page 2

Anita Blake Laughing Corpse for Marvel Comics

More info and illustrations here:
> His creations are also in amazon.

And I have added him in facebook, hope he will accept my invitation! *Fingers-crossed*

Want to end this post with Harvey's own words: 
"...It’s really wonderful to work on something you dream of. Working in comics is my big dream; I didn't believe it became true. "


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