Unboxing my new Sony DSC-S2000 Digital Camera

After all the thinking, I ended up buying the DS-S2000 digital camera from Sony. I was thinking about buying a different brand of camera but I thought about the future, what would happen to that camera after a year or so. I don't want to end up buying another one after a year because the first camera stopped working.

Every time I would bump on a new camera, I would search for reviews on the web about those models. Sad to say, all of them have reviews like it drains the battery fast and that after a couple of months, the quality just drops. After all the considerations between these brands, I finally decided to get a Sony digital camera.
This seven thousand Philippine money-worth of camera has a lot of same priced camera out there which offers way lot of functionality and features; however I still stick to this because Sony has been proven and tested to last long and the hardware side is really good. Among brands like Polaroid, Samsung and others, Sony I believe is the best.

I only have a limited budget because I set aside the half part of my money for a desktop. So since the DSC-2000 is the cheapest among the available cameras, I never hesitated to get it. I canvassed on a lot of stores like in metro Ayala, SM department and at SM-Cyber zone, all has the same prices so I just went to Sony-SM and bought it.

Today, join me in unboxing my new "digicam". The photos were taken using my Sony Erickson C902.

The photo above shows the box still with the seal on it. The outer part also has information about the camera. The model which is DSC-S2000, this is a cybershot model. It has features like 10.1 mega pixel, 3x optical zoom, 2.5 LCD screen (2.5”/6.2cm), steady shot, intelligent automode and smile shutter. The serial number and the POS bar code are also in the box. Most specially, it has the supplied accessories as well, two pieces of LR6 (size AA) alkaline batteries, dedicated USB cable, CD-ROM (Picture Motion Browser) and wrist strap not to mention the free 4gb memory card also. Aside from those mentioned, Sony Center had also included two rechargeable batteries, battery charger and camera purse.

Inside the box:
Free 4 GB SD card
CD-ROM (Picture Motion Browser)


The unit (DSC-S2000), USB cable, two disposable batteries, two rechargeable batteries and charger.

I was too excited to take my first photo; I took a photo of Patrick and Hello Kitty.

I almost forgot to include SpongeBob:

Yehey!!! Thanks so much to James Figues for accompanying me the day I bought the cam.

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