ImCrew: Major Major Fake!

Fake fake fake! ImCrew was a total and major fake. I regret I have subscribed to it and I had referred like ten people to the site, hoping that it was another site to make money online. I had this kind of feeling already when the site had this note that they extended their sign up time to August 12, that was their second extension and wondered why they haven't opened up even if it has passed August 12. I just let it pass, thinking it was just an update delay.

I haven't known until now that their site is not anymore accessible. The domain had expired and Google can't find it anymore.

I promised to tell you if this is a hoax or if I will be able to cash out from the site. So now, I have deleted it on the sites that I recommend on my Make Money Page. 

So now, I have discovered a new money making site which is Readbud. I was referred by a college friend, Roxanne. If you want to be referred, then you can enter your email on the comment field and I will send you a referral link. In this site, you will be reading articles and rate them, super simple and you can do it while you are doing something else, it's a time for multitasking. Send your email now!!!

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