So here I am again, searching for the best Internet Service provider around Cebu City. After two months of no-internet connection, I can't anymore take the hassle of going to an internet cafe, waiting for available seats and persevering the heat and not to mention the odor from all of those different people inside, and oh! there's more, most of the cafes that I have got in were small rooms and the players would reach elbow to elbow when playing; the time is limited, I consider myself as nocturnal because of my job so I would go online mostly at night from 9pm to-sawa, and unfortunately, most cafes are only open from 8am to 12midnight, :(

I am again hunting for the best or shall I say better among the rest ISP. So by the help of my company's resources, I google some reviews with PLDT DSL and BAYANTEL. I did not consider SmartBro  because it was my first provider before and Globelines because I know that they have poor service.

There were many negative reviews about PLDT' s customer service and the way they process request compared to Bayantel, so far I haven't read on any blog or reviews about poor customer service. As what I have read, they practice what they preached, if they say a technician is coming this specific time, the technician is really right at your door. That is a plus point for Bayantel actually. But those reviews were from non-Cebu clients, with PLDT, my colleagues and my friends are using it and said it was okay. But the negative feedbacks from thousands of people on the internet are scaring the shit out of me, I can't decide where to go now.

If you could help me out and suggest where to go, I would certainly appreciate it. By the way, I am from Basak San Nicolas, Cebu City. Thanks!!!

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  • I have been a BayanTel subscriber for 8yrs, at first their service and support was good. However, it seems the quality they provide has deteriorated. Yes, I've heard terrible experiences with Smart Bro so that's good to remove it from the picture.

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