Brand new "About ME"

If you haven't noticed, I have changed my About the author page, instead of the profile info, I created a jpeg photo, a few edits and just few words there, a general information about me and the site.

Basically, I created this blog in exchange to the previous blog which have been closed by blogger because of some issues. The posts here are all composed and created by my own and I myself had experienced. So, there could be contents that you won't like or ideas that you disagree with, just take it easy because it is simply my own way of expressing my experiences and thoughts. So just chill, if you want me to know, then comment out. Alright?

About the tag, it looks like a tag though..hehe I used Adobe Photoshop for this, I used some brushes, I mean almost 80% of the page is made of brushes, I also used the pen tool for the curves and added some effects on the texts. The font that I used here is "starry night" which I have downloaded from a free site. I also added a deco brush that marks the end of the sentence.

I was planning to change this part here even before but I didn't have the luxury of time to do so, fortunately, one morning I woke up and was encouraged to start it and here is the good thing here, I was also able to finish it the same day. Yepey! 

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