I am UP to Glee

"Are you into Glee?"

Glee fever is really up today, in Facebook posts, Gbuzz, Yahoo and a lot more. You can hear news about how it is famous now a days and how the whole world go crazy about it.  Teens and even grown-ups are streaming it online, some would buy pi**ted, no I won't say that but rather DVD or CD's of downloaded copies on the tables in the sidewalks. This is only to be on the hip of what is in.

But things are different to me, I was not into Glee before, yeah I mean that, before I would always hear my colleagues or college friends talk about it and how their eyes grow wide while reminiscing each song sung by the casts. I was curious then on how beautiful and lively it was just like High School Musical because they say it is also a musical kind of series and I was a fan of it. But there was no chance, or maybe I never opened my time for it. If I had a working internet connection at home then it could be possible enough to view it online, stream together same as how others do and update my status about it or go with the talks together with my colleagues about it.

Then Glee Season 1 had ended, yeah and I did not regret how it ended without seeing any episode.

And then the second season started airing and the best thing about it is that a Filipina singer is part of the casts. She is real famous right now and joining Glee is a really good thing and had encouraged me to watch it, at last. I bet you know who I am referring to, and yes you are right. It is Charice! The Youtube sensation and the Philippines pride, yes she is. 

Last week, I bought a copy of its first season and was really excited to watch it but then, what a surprise! It won't play, at all! Inserted it to the DVD drive like a hundred times, drive starts to spin and reads the DVD but nothing showed up, oh right, I just thought, I disabled the autorun feature. How could I've forgotten about it? So I went into the computer folder, now the DVD drive is just loading and the progress bar at the top is just progressing without reaching the end. It was just taking forever without any chance of playing. After a couple of times, I ended my agony and put the DVD back to its cover while saying "You're worthy to be in the trashcan."

I just ended up asking my boyfriend to download me a copy online and he nodded. One day after he brought the drive which contains the copy and now, I am recently watching it. And so far, I like it and I love Mercedes' voice and I just enjoy Sue Sylvester's disappointed face.

And to tell you, I had took a sneak peak with the second season and I am so excited about finishing the first season so I can follow through the story and start with the second one in which Charice is a guest.

You too, start doing the sign now and open yourself up to joy!


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