Another Victory for the 8th time

November 14, 2010 - Marks Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao's fight with Margarito from Mexico for the World Boxing Council Super Welterweight title. In the states, it was actually dated as November 13, 2010. Held at Cowboys Stadium Arlington, Texas.

Pacman is quite famous here in the Philippines and is considered as The Pambansang Kamao (National Fist). He recently had been voted as a Congressman as well.

This was my first time to watch his game in the actual time, before, I would wait for the coverage by either GMA or ABS-CBN. I am thankful that Jeff, our business partner had bought us tickets to CICC in Mandaue.

During the fight everyone was super excited, I was cold as well. I was feeling anxious really, it was like I am the one whose gonna fight. Margarito was tall and kinda calm while they were introduced so I thought this will be tough for Pacman. But during the fight, he had shown once again that his speed, strength and brilliant strategies were his best asset. There were alot of times that Margarito tried to punch Pacman but he was unsuccessful. But in all fairness, Margarito was strong as well. Imagine, he was cut during the fourth round, was filled with Pacman's fists since round one and face was swelling already since round three or four I guess.

These are the people at the CICC during the fight, everyone was really excited and each time Pacman will hit Margarito, everyone will stand and shout. Imagine it, can you see the picture? I have also shouted to the top of my lungs during the fight and that was really a nice fight. Margarito was such a fighter, he had fought all through out the game and stood firm even if he was cut on his right eye. 

After the fight, all were clapping and shouting about the victory that Pacman had just owned. Congratulations Pacman!! Another pride for the Filipinos.

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