My First Halloween Party

I was never been to any Halloween Party before, not in my 22 years of existence, this is because I don't like to be buying and wearing those gross costumes and that it is not really a very important occasion for me. But then when PlanetBiz decided to put up one, I never hesitated to come.

We were informed a week about it and I was super excited on what to wear. James and I went to Metro Gaisano and Gaisano Capital for our costumes. I bought a Witch' hat, fake nails and an orange Treat Basket. James on the other hand bought an LED flash light Evil Horn, fake nails as well and a small Devil's fork. We had paid a total of Php 190+ for those stuffs, pretty cheap right? We then bought a black cloth for our capes. I personally sew both mine and James', check out how I made it in my "How I Made my Witch Cape in Less than an Hour" post.

Three Witches

together with the devils...

October 30, 2010 - marks our Halloween Party at Mango Square Mall. Our PlanetBiz' Co-members were there as well as the Founder and the Owner, Mr. Noel Velasquez and his wife, who joined our dancing and singing sessions while there. It started at almost eight in the evening. We had picture takings and games. 

There was a "Chocolate Fountain" prepared by Mr. Paulito Corposales with matching marsh mallows. It was my first to see a chocolate fountain personally, it was fun and yummy and a bit expensive. The chocolate pack is worth Php 400+ which is good for one round  of a few people maybe 30-40 heads. The fountain itself was owned by Pau, he said it was worth Php3000 when he purchased it. 

We ended it at almost 12midnight, we planned to go to Cabanas and continue the fun unfortunately, James and I didn't come along because we had to wake up early the next day to catch the earliest trip of a fast craft to Bohol. 

It was such a funny yet memorable event. I'll be looking forward for a better costume in the Halloween Party 2011 at PlanetBiz!

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