A long trip to Bohol

November 1 – this day is intended for All Saints and it is also a date where families will be reunited again aside from Christmas season. So, the same as the other working people, I had also filed a vacation leave at the said date so that I can go home to Bohol and spend the Holiday with my family. I never thought I could still go home since my leave application was not approved a week before the said date, I was very thankful to my team lead that he had found a way so that the Operations Management team finally had approved it one day before Saturday, October 30,2010.

We had our Halloween Party last Saturday so James and I decided to Bohol on Sunday, October 31, 2010. We went to Pier 3 at 5:00 in the morning to catch the 5:45 trip for a fast craft for Tubigon, Bohol. Unfortunately, the fast craft for that said schedule was already fully booked due to the Holiday and most of the people working in Cebu were going home. So the person in charge at the ticketing booth told us to just buy the ticket for the next schedule which was 7:00 in the morning. We agreed though since they said that if the fast craft will be full before the scheduled time, then they will go ahead.

starcrafts 2
We were inside the waiting area where a lot of the passengers were also waiting for the gate to be opened and go inside the vessel. It was already six when the gate was opened and we went inside and seated at the upper deck, it was an open window area, I liked it because I can see the outside view. The vessel did deport the port ahead of time; it was 6:45 in the morning when the vessel deported. The nice thing about this kind of vessel is because it would only take an hour to reach Bohol and the ticket is only Php 200.


Leaving pier 1
we were passed by Ocean Jet 6 which was on its way to Tagbilaran Port

We reached Tubigon Port at 7:45 AM; I was also surprised because the Galeon Andalucia was there. It was in Cebu a couple of weeks ago and I was dying to visit it when it was there but I never had a free time. It was indeed a surprise when I found it there, it was still close, and they said it will deport the island that day, I felt lucky that I was able to catch it before it leaves.

Galeon Andalucia

in a distant view

It was such a long day for the two of us, we started the day at 4:00 in the morning, got ready and went to Pier 3 at 5:00, bought our tickets and went in the Star Craft vessel which deported at 6:45, reached Tubigon at 7:45 and spent about 5-10 minutes taking photographs of the Galeon Andalucia. Rode a van for hire at 7:55 going to Tagbilaran which took us an hour, we then went to Island City Mall to have breakfast; it was already nine in the morning that time. We were about to go out but we thought of buying some Pizza at Greenwich for pasalubong. I was waiting for my order when I heard someone calling out my name; it was actually my old friend, Virgilio Galinato who was attending the Dunkin Donut Place. We had some small talks. And I decided to buy a box of assorted donuts as well. It was already 9:45 when we bid our goodbyes and rode another van to Guindulman. 

It was a two hour trip, we also managed to sleep inside, we woke up when the van stopped at a spot where an accident happened, we had witnessed how the neighboring people lifted a green van and pulled a dead man wearing a red shirt out of the van, they said it was the driver of the said van. We also saw another bloody man seating at the back of a four wheeled vehicle, he was still alive but his eyes were closed, they’re going to the nearest hospital. 

It was like a dream for me, no not a dream but a nightmare to be witnessing that kind of happening, a green van and a tricycle both were turned upside down after bumping each other. I really don’t know what exactly happened but their collision was a possibility. Anyhow, we reached home at 11:45; it was really a long and tiring day.

Here is MV Starcrafts’s schedule and rates for your reference!

cebu (Pier 1)                         tubigon
5:45 AM                                 7:00 AM
7:00                                      8:30
8:30                                      11:00
10:30                                     12:30 PM
12:30 PM                                2:00
2:00                                       4:00
3:30                                       5:45
5:30                                       7:45

BUSINESS : php 280
TOURIST : php 220
ECONOMY : php 200

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