My User-Friendliest phone

This is just my own point of view about the user-friendliest phone I have ever used in my entire life. I did not expect meeting my ever-favorite phone ‘til we went to Oslob for the Souls Day. I did tell you that we went to Bohol last Oct. 31. That is true and a day after that, we went back to Cebu and then to Oslob, at James’ hometown for the Souls’ Day.

I was astonished to see a Nokia 3310 on their table so I took it and scan through it. Memories from my high school days were flashing back. This was my first phone when I was in my sophomore year and that I was so addicted to this phone, thinking I had the best phone in town, lols, well for that time. That was high school though, year 2003 and to recall, Nokias were really famous that time and the most famous phone was the 3310 unit. I could consider it as the user friendliest phone ever to note, why? Because its size is cute in compare to the first ones and you can hold and text with just one hand, reason why it is best for people who are into text-mates, text-brigades and etc. 

It has a couple of applications, to name: phonebook, messages, chat, call register, tones, settings, call divert, games, calculator, reminders, clock, profiles, and picture and get it or the sim program. Basically, if you come to think of it, these are like the basic functions that a person needs for a phone. The mobile phones that we have right now are too complicated and more hi-tech but if you are looking for just texting and calling, this phone is what you need.

These are the simple but some of the things I love about the phone:
Messaging: simple and easy to work with. Standard keyboard is really user friendly; you can text with hand or both hands. Phone book function: Using keys up and down, you can search for your phone book, super easy! 

Games: There are four games on it, namely SNAKE, SPACE IMPACT, BANTUMI and PAIRS II. I love SNAKE the most; this was my first ever favorite mobile game. Up until today, I could still score a thousand even if I haven’t used it for years. When I checked James’ sister’s phone, it has a high score of 900+ only so I tried to play with it and bypassed 900 using level 9 and maze 1. See my video here:

Today, it is so rare to be seeing people using this type of unit, most of us are already using QWERTY keyboards, dual sim phones, china phones/myphone/iphones and a lot more with hundreds of functions. This is just a sign how technology grows fast day by day and the saying “There is nothing constant in this world other than CHANGE” applies to all things. So even if I love this phone, I had still been changing phones every time there is a chance to. But, to review all those phones I had used from Nokia, Siemens, Sony Erickson, Samsung to Palm, Nokia 3310 had left a forever treasured memory that I am still good at playing SNAKE. Lols…

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