Jean for Hair Spa and James for Hair Cut

After a year or so, James had finally decided to cut his long shiny hair.

I was also reluctant thinking about it at first and I thought he could just let it grow longer until it can be made into a wig. Lols.

His reason? He just want a change, said he needs to create a great change in him so he can gain more respect when facing business people.

So we went to Juvel Salon in Emall and got my number, of course I need to have a hair cut too. The guys just have to line up but the ladies needs numbers for some reasons. I was being so nice to the gay who was persistent in persuading me to have a hair spa, it was only worth Php 300 so I agree. While he/she was washing my hair, she was telling stories about his/her boyfriends and experiences about boys then there he goes again, persuading me to have my hair re-bonded. I don't like that, I have my hair re-bonded for a couple of times, it does straightens the hair but after a year, you would suffer the consequences, this can be because the salon that I have been to the first time was not that credible. However, when I had it the first time, it lasted for a year, take note, it was with a not so known salon in Bohol and I was in my senior year in high school that time. I was like paranoid when my hair started to break and I had like a thousand hair falls a day (this is exaggeration). And I said, I will never take any re-bond sessions again, No more!

But when I was in college, I guess that was my sophomore year, I just thought of getting my hair re bonded at Juvel- Colon. I had such a wonderful hair after the session. Straight, shiny hair. I felt super happy. But after three days I guess, it became wavy again, what the? I paid like almost two thousand bucks for the hair to last three days only? So that ended my re-bonding dream.

Going back, though the gay man insisted to have it re-bonded, I firmly opted for the hair spa. While I was in the steaming process, the barber was also starting to cut James’ hair. I could hear the other guys asking him how many years he had grown the hair and I smiled when I heard the barber said: “You sure you wanna cut this thing?” and then before starting he said, “I will now cut it” and James nodded. 

I started first and ended last. It took about an hour for the hair spa to finish. I was satisfied with the results actually; for once I have a straight hair again. I know it will go back to wavy after a day or two.

James in the other hand looks like a clean bad boy with his haircut. He left a few long hairs at the back part as a remembrance of it. 

James with his new hair
 Me with my straight hair..lols

Happy hair day for the both of us!!!

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