What Time Is It?

Thanks to clocklink I have my customized clock now on my website... I like it because of the note design it fits quiet good with my website. I first had found the link on a website which I am following. I always wanted to have one my blog too so I immediately clicked on the website link. 

Getting your own clock is super easy as easy as 1-2-3 actually. Just select your preferred clock design and poof ... you have the html codes on an instance. All you have to do is to copy and paste it on your site. Oh! If you are using blogger as well, you need to pick the html gadget and then paste the code in the text field. Save it and there you go, you have it right there and then. Its a flash clock so it's also moving and ticking. Just like what I have in my blog. 

Select your own design now and show it on your site or blog! Its super easy and stress free. No need to sign up just select and copy!

Have a good one! 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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