Time out at Ice Castle's

One of the most famous sport games here in the Philippines is Basketball, almost every guy, boy even some of the girls play this sport. Basket rings can be seen in almost all the street corners, on fiestas and grand celebrations, there are leagues and even if there are no occasions, guys team up and play basketball.

Most of our partners in Planetbiz are boys, they set a date for a monthly game and for this November, we went to Day-as Gym last night, that's November 7, 2010, for a two hour game. Even if most of us were late, the game kept going on. The girls served as courtesy booths of the boys' properties and we as well cheered for them. The game started at 6:00pm and ended at 8:00pm. 

 the players and the cheerers..some were still at the back changing clothes, too bad they were not able to make it when Pau pressed the button!

There were no water vending machines there so everyone were all thirsty and hungry so we decided to go to Ice Castle in Rain Tree Mall Branch. James and I didn't have supper yet that time so instead of ordering deserts right away, we ordered Pork Belly for me and Chicken Strips for James. 

chicken strips for Php 95
 two pieces pork bellies for Php 90, this tastes really good!

The chicken strips were not that good, it costs Php 95. We only tasted the flour and there was like zero chicken. However, the Pork Belly was very good and it costs Php 90, there were two pieces and I immediately ate them. Oh! I also had gave James some, its not like I am a "matakaw" girl. 

Halo halo special for Php 68

When I am done eating, I ordered their Halo halo Special. It costs Php 68 and it was good. I have eaten Ice Castle's Halo halo Special a lot of times and it still tastes good. This even tastes much better when friends are there too.

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