No More Embee Mobile Wallet ? You kiddin' me?

This is an update for my Lots of Load from Embee Mobile Wallet.

I logged to facebook today and clicked on my embee link, I just found out that the Embee Mobile Wallet is now called EmbeePay, and Embee Minutes are now called Embee Points. So YES, I am just kidding here. It doesn't mean that Embee won't be giving loads anymore but they had just changed its name because they had gone bigger! We can use our Embee Points to get NOT just free mobile for talk and text, but also music, games, apps, and more!

As of now, I have 88 embee points so I started clicking agin through those surveys for more! But when I redeemed my points, I have found out that Embee had just lowered their redeeming points to 80 instead of 90 points. 

So I hurriedly clicked on the redeem link and topped up my phone!

In just less than a minute, I received my load! Ahahaha...

just a proof! :)
How about you? Keep earning those Embees and get your own loads now!

Thanks Embee!!

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