Palm Goes Urban Rock for its 7th Anniversary

We had just a blast last night for Palm's seventh anniversary themed as Urban Rock. As what I have observed, this is far nicer and merrier than the party last year themed Lauau Party at a beach resort somewhere in Lapu-lapu. One thing that I loved at this were the presentations of each team. Since it was Urban Rock, the presentations were actually Band song interpretations or renditions. For our team, we decided to showcase a rendition of Sugarfree's "Kung Ayaw Mo na sa Akin". Markem was our vocalist, our team lead, Papa Joe was with the drums, Kim was with the base, Loreto and Stef were on the guitars and the rest of us were the back up dancers/singers. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a picture during our presentation but we had a video.

I can't upload the video here, just check it out here: 

Check out the SME's performance:
The prize for the team presentations was worth Php 10,000 and the judges were also not that easy. One of them was a professional tattoo designer, he had also a free hena tattoo session there. The other judge was a disk jockey at a certain station, I forgot its station name and the other one has a quite weird name, it souded like a Muslim name or something. Anyway, all the teams had a performance and I enjoyed all because all were good and some were funny.

Aside from the competition, there was a raffle draw as well, the account had given away five centros and three treo pros! I was praying for a treo pro since I already have two centros but unfortunately, I was not lucky enough. Loreto on the other hand was super lucky. After getting the attention of the crowd due to Akit's (the male host) joke about him, his name was picked out of that fish bowl. He was super super lucky! I envy him.

I was not able to witness the announcement of the winners since it was already 11:30 in the evening and we still have a duty that night at 12 midnight. Akit called us as Losers but I don't think we were really since the next day, it was Bonifacio's Day and it means double pay. Eventhough we were unable to witness the rest of the guest bands, we still have an alas and that is the double pay we get for going on duty that night.

Check me during the event: 

Papa Joe's Team Picture:

Let's see what would be next year's palm party theme will be...

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