i Subscribed to Bob Ong's Books

Who knows Bob Ong?

I was in college when I first bumped into his first book entitled A B N K K B S N P L A K o ? !. We were in the college library back then together with my college classmates and friend when Benjie, the genius kido of the group started sharing to us how funny the book was. He would read out loud the passages and all of us would start laughing secretly, sometimes we can't help but burst in laughter then the librarian would bell the ring a hundred times to stop us from making noise. This kind of scenario repeated a couple of times until we were asked to go out of the library. Lols, that was a shame. But we had fun so Benjie continued reading and we laugh.

I was super into that book that I want to borrow it, it was a property of our library though but the genius kido made a way to take it out the building. I never heard of the book anymore until last week when I started to read again. I then thought about something which can make me laugh and thought about that book. I went to National Bookstore in Mango Avenue and looked for Bob Ong's book. At first, I thought I will read from the start of his book list but ended up getting the second book entitled "Bakit Baliktad Magbasa ang mga Pilipino". Yes, all his books are written in Tagalog, he has some english words on it specially on the second book, it covered the real things happening to the Philippines and why those are being experienced by the people. I do agree at some point that some Filipinos aren't concerned with our country, some maybe but at the end of the day, they aren't. You will soon find out that these negative vibes we get are results of our own doing.

I have also noticed that Bob Ong dislikes Former Pres. Erap Estrada, learned that he created website called "BOBONG PINOY" but was put down for reasons only he can tell. I regret I was not able to visit that site before it was disbanded. Anyways, after the website, he then started writing books resulted to these list of books he had already written.

Obviously, I am done with the second book, I should have purchased the third one but I decided to purchase the first book for the purpose of reviewing its content and I want to get full package collection of his books and writings. The books are pretty cheap. I have also found out how the book has captured a lot of attentions as well. In fact when I was still looking for the section which contains it, I asked the sales lady, she leaded me to the spot and then said, "Daghanang nangita ug Bob Ong, uy" (A lot are looking for Bob Ong's book.)

I am now starting to read the first book and I am bursting in laughter again. If you want to know why, then try to purchase one as well, it's only Php 150 and it's definitely Worth the money!
that's me with abnkkbsnplako?!

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