Eugene's First Child: It's a Baby girl!!

She was 6.1 pounds, born in a normal delivery way before the expected date at Simbahon Clinic in Talisay City, Cebu. She was named Hyacinth Clarette Tobias Busico, first child of our college friends, Eugene Busico and Jasmine Tobias. She has her mommy's brother's look when I first saw her. I know her physical appearance will change as she grows but I am already thinking that she will look like Jasmine in the future.

Her parents were expecting her early in December but she came out in a date which is real special for her parents, the 19th. Her parents' anniversary is September 19, they planned to be married on September 19 but for some church related reasons, they moved it a day before instead, the 18th. And most importantly, she was born on November 19, 2010. They are blessed with such a healthy baby girl. 

Unlike some other preggy moms' delivery day where in they would feel random pains, Jasmine was the total opposite, she never thought that was the day, she was preparing their breakfast when her water broke. She never felt any pain at all but since her water was already running, they went to the clinic right away. It was a funny story though when Eugene told us their experiences, when Jasmine's water broke, they still manage to walk to the highway and rode a taxi, they were not ready about the delivery to the point that even "lampin" they don't have. Eugene needed to run to Gaisano  Tabunok, he waited until the mall would open at 9:30. Jasmine then gave birth to her baby girl 12 noon that same day.

We visited them the next day, they were about to go out the clinic also. I was totally amazed how Jasmine was able to recover right away. 

 Jasmine was in the doctor's office when baby Yang2 cried, so Eugene let her drink her bottle milk 
 Tiff and Baby Hyacinth
 Me and baby Yang
 A blessing from heaven, now Eugene needs to work more harder for her little angel. And Jasmine needs a couple of rest and more training on how to take care of the baby, Jasmine is still 19 and Eugene is 22. The parenting part is tough but having her is an eternal blessing.

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